Georgia Tech-Savannah Offers Easy, Online Leadership Training with New Series

Staff Report

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

Georgia Tech-Savannah is slated to present a workshop series – Leading Well – efficient, effective, and designed for tomorrow’s leaders with seminars from September through November 2020. The series will address a variety of topics, including relating to others, maximizing innovation and improvement, overcoming unconscious bias and more. 

This high-level leadership training will include a collection of virtual webinars that help professional pacesetters develop leadership skills within a time frame that is manageable. The workshops were built to delve into developing outstanding leadership skills, fostering visionaries, and to equip participants with actionable goals. Upcoming Leading Well workshops include:

  • Leading Change: Sept. 8-10, 2020

  • Building and Leading High-Performing Teams: Sept. 22-24, 2020

  • Managing and Leading a Multigenerational Organization: Sept. 28-30, 2020

  • Living the Project Lifecycle: Oct. 6-8, 2020

  • Maximizing Innovation and Improvement: Oct. 13-15, 2020

  • Leading from Within: Overcoming Unconscious Bias: Nov. 3-5, 2020

  • Meeting Goals Through Focused Performance Management: Nov. 10-12, 2020

  • Foundation of Leadership – Relating to Others (2021 date to be determined) 

“Managers who connect with people, deliver consistent results, and drive innovation are exactly what top-level executives are looking for within their companies. It’s a tough role to fill and finding time to fine-tune these skills can be difficult. That’s why we developed the Leading Well series,” said Bill Astary, one of Georgia Tech Professional Education’s Directors of Industry Strategic Partnership. “These workshops are guaranteed to be engaging, time-efficient, interesting and very educational.”

Georgia Tech-Savannah provides training for today's workplace leaders to develop outstanding leadership skills, foster visionaries, and tool area executives with actionable goals that will directly improve their performance as employees and their greater vision for their employers. From two-day workshops to interactive business sessions, their leadership training is designed to provide quick and timely high-level education for all of Savannah's leaders.

To learn more about Georgia Tech-Savannah’s Leading Well series and register, please visit