World's Leading Wood Processing Experts to Meet at St. Simons Conference

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The Forest Products Society and Forest Products and Timber Construction Department — Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, will jointly host the 4th International Conference on Process Technologies for the Forest and Biobased Products Industries, Oct. 25-26 in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

PTF BPI 2016 is dedicated to the exchange of information and ideas about research on process technologies, quality control, and process improvement. Contemporary topics on real-time predictive modeling of processes, continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, lean six-sigma and advanced data mining will be presented at the conference.

Academic scholars will overview the latest research in forest and bio-based materials including nanotechnology and solid wood. Leading manufacturers will highlight advancements in chemical technologies, supplier audits, product innovation and continuous improvement.

The conference will feature an impressive line up of speakers, presentations and on-site activities, featuring follow topics:

  • Advanced materials from wood (biopolymer composites; lingo-nanocellulose and lignin -based carbon fibers, novel adhesives for engineered wood products including soy flour and lignin-based alternatives, use of agricultural waste for panel production; particleboard from post-harvest sugar cane)

  • Processing and product innovations (traceability of round wood; process optimization at commercial wood treatment plant; optimizing bio refining fractionation; testing and efficacy of flame retardants; reducing fines during OSB production; impact of new wood preservation technologies)

  • Market, economics and life-cycle insights (mass timber and CLT demand and production; latest forest supply chain studies; CLT research needs; wood construction trends in developing countries; resource efficiency of cascading wood; salvaging timber from natural disasters)

A special Experimental Design Workshop for Manufacturers and Researchers will take place at the conference on Wednesday, October 26th. The three-hour bonus workshop, taught by Timothy M. Young, PhD from The University of Tennessee, will offer participants the basics of developing a design and interpreting statistical results from experimental data. 

Also scheduled is the “Life Cycle Assessment: Everything You Need to Know and Were Afraid to Ask” workshop. Participants will gain a greater understanding of what it takes to develop and interpret a LCA reports, as well as determine factors to decide if an LCA is good for their small business.

PTF BPI 2016 is forum for exchange of technical and research discussions. It is the perfect venue to enhance your professional connections with top researchers and industry leaders and reconnect with colleagues and friends from around the world.

The Conference’s sponsors are Georgia Pacific and APA. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

For more information about the PTF BPI 2016, including registration and sponsorship opportunities, please visit