Empire Construction Handling Historic Ardsley Park Renovation

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Empire Construction has been hired to perform a complete renovation on one of Ardsley Park’s most prominent and recognized historic estates.

Nestled among live oak trees in Ardsley’s Chatham Crescent district, 302 E. 46th St. is an extraordinary English Tudor mansion, designed in 1927 and completed in 1929. Empire Construction has already begun the project, which include complete and thorough visual updates throughout the home as well as some critical work behind walls, below floors and above ceilings.

The stately 9,400-square-foot residence, owned by the Powers family of Savannah, overlooks serene Guckenheimer Park and features a four-car garage and private guest cottage, among many other luxurious amenities. It was originally built for Dr. Everett Iseman by Whalley Construction Co. The mansion was actually intended to house an extended nuclear family, so that all residents could have their own private and comfortable accommodations on different floors. The Powers plan to use the house as it was intended, so Mike and his wife, Danni will be moving into the upstairs portion of the house, and Mike’s parents will live downstairs. The estate was designed by Cletus W. Bergen, who also was the architect on the Ford Plantation.

Danni Powers is a Realtor who was going to list the house for the previous owner, but the more she looked at it, the more she thought it would work well for the Powers family. At $1,245,000, it is the most expensive home ever sold in Ardsley Park – the first-ever in the neighborhood to sell for over $1 million. The Powers, who previously lived in Houston, Texas, were very careful about who they trusted their investment to.

The couple said that when they lived in Texas, it was easy to call three potential contractors, have all three show up, offer good estimates and be ready to start work that day. In Savannah, according to Danni, a homeowner needing work might call 10 people, three will show up, and one actually comes back with an estimate. That’s why the couple said they’re especially pleased with their decision to hire Empire Construction.

“Empire shows up when they say they will, and they do what they say they’re going to do for the price they’ve already said they’ll do it for. And that goes a long way,” Danni Powers said.

The homeowners say the house itself is an inspiration to them, and they’re intent on keeping with the home’s historic elements and Tudor style. Danni Powers is even designing the shower door to resemble the shape of the home’s unique windows. The Powers say that this is their “forever home,” and they don’t ever want to move again. But when the house eventually changes hands, their goal is that the new owners will be able to move into the house and not have to change or update a lot. The Powers, with the help of Empire Construction, want to keep it clean, classic and modernly updated.