Ironclad Affordable Storage to Open Sales Model in Savannah

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Ironclad Affordable Storage is poised to revolutionize the Self-Storage Industry, through a patented
approach of repurposing surplus International Shipping Containers.

Ironclad Affordable Storage has been developing their patented design for the use of re-purposing surplus shipping containers since May of 2014. In September 2016 after targeted market research, Ironclad Affordable storage selected Savannah GA to base the company’s operations. Since this time Ironclad began partnering with the City of Savannah to begin the process of permitting their revolutionary building design. Ironclad’s vision will revolutionize how self-storage facilities are built.

With the U.S. being a net importer of International Shipping Containers and the Rapid growth of Savannah's Port, the decision to launch in Savannah was easy. Ironclad's patented design will change
how conventional construction approaches the building of storage units, through a more environmentally sustainable approach. Surplus International Shipping Containers have become a sensitive issue in many metropolitan communities. Considering that only about 1/3 of a containers life is used for actual shipping needs and many of these containers end up in U.S. ports with no product to export out, they continue to accumulate in U.S. cities. Repurposing these containers will decrease steel waste, and create alternative uses for these purged metal structures.

On Friday, June 2nd Ironclad Affordable Storage will host an Open House event at their sales model
located at 2036 Capital street Savannah Ga. 31404. Come see how we are revolutionizing how storage
is built!