Recipes and Stories from Southern Kitchens, Featuring Natives and Residents of Savannah

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

"Johnathon Scott Barrett understands how food can be memory and warmth and love," says Celeste Headlee, Georgia Public Broadcasting host/executive producer of "On Second Thought." "Cook & Tell is filled with great recipes, but it’s also full of life and humor and kindness, just like Grandma’s kitchen."

Johnathon Scott Barrett takes you on yet another delicious sojourn in his latest work, Cook & Tell: Recipes and Stories from Southern Kitchens, a moveable feast across Dixie showcasing the incredible food created in the homes of the South and the resulting tales that accompany those heartwarming dishes. Stops along the way include such food-rich cities as Savannah and Nashville, as well as the small hamlets of Millingport, North Carolina, and Nanafalia, Alabama, where farm-to-table food still has a prominent spot on the dining table. And in this warm and engaging anthology, Barrett includes not only his own entertaining stories and meaningful recipes but also those of friends met along the way. Some accounts come from family and hometown cooks, while others are from award-winning chefs and authors.

Cook & Tell, a beautifully written collection of remembrances preserving the South’s rich intersection of foodways and oral histories, gives inspiration for readers to take pen to paper and record for themselves the special times and dishes that have shaped their own lives and those of their loved ones.

Contributors include: Mary Kay Andrews, Johnathon Scott Barrett, Lilli Ann Barrett, Chuck Beard, Teri Bell, Debra Brook, Becky Altman Cheatham, Amy Paige Condon, Carol Cordray, Walter Dasher, James T. Farmer III, Damon Lee Fowler, Nancy Fullbright, Nancy and Charlie Golson, Wes Goodroe, Sandra Gutierrez, Celeste Headlee, Barbara Salter Hubbard, Cindy McDonald, Gayle Morris, Michael Morris, Ty Morris, Martha Giddens Nesbit, John Nichols, Janis Owens, Melinda Lowder Palmer, Kathryn Bar eld Rigsby, Fred W. Sauceman, Gloria Garrett Seymour, Elizabeth Tornow Skeadas, Alphus Christopher Spears, Meredith Bishop Sti , Luke Usry, Linda Rogers Weiss, Virginia Willis, Sherry Witherington, and Nicki Pendleton Wood.