Gulfstream Named to Georgia Business History Initiative by Georgia Historical Society

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The Georgia Historical Society was pleased to add Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. to the Georgia Business History Initiative with the unveiling of a new historical marker at the corporate headquarters in Savannah. Each year, this Georgia Historical Society program recognizes iconic companies in the state to teach Georgia students, citizens, and tourists alike about the pivotal role of the state’s leading businesses in the economic, cultural, and social development of Georgia and the United States.

Speakers for the dedication included Mark Burns, President, Gulfstream; Al Wright, Public Affairs and Community Investment Consultant at Gulfstream; and Dr. W. Todd Groce, President and CEO of the Georgia Historical Society.
“Today, we recognize the achievements and leadership provided by Gulfstream as an integral part of Georgia’s business history. We also recognize the importance of you—the people who built Gulfstream—in creating that legacy,” said Groce. “The history of Gulfstream is a story of innovation and perseverance and is a key part of our state’s rich and diverse history.”
“Your dedication to our company and to the Gulfstream family of aircraft is what sets us apart,” Burns said to the employees, retirees and their families who attended the unveiling. “Thank you for your loyalty to Gulfstream and helping us develop and build the products, services, and experiences that make traveling in a Gulfstream aircraft second to none. We can’t create and deliver the finest aviation experience without you. Congratulations and thank you for your service in the past and in the future.”
The marker text was read by Karen Blough, Senior Materials Offsite Administrator, and unveiled by Tiaras Polite, a youth apprentice in the Employee Communications Group; Dwayne Johnson, Materials Lead—Production; and Thanh Le, a Hydraulic Fabricator.

The Historical Marker reads:

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Here, on Sept. 29, 1967, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. established its Savannah facility, now its headquarters. The world’s first purpose-built business aircraft company was born from Grumman Aircraft Engineering Company after World War II as the warplane manufacturer adapted to the post-war economic boom. Beginning with the Gulfstream GII, Savannah became the base for Grumman’s civilian aircraft. In 1999, General Dynamics acquired Gulfstream, bringing a dedicated focus to research and development resulting in industry-leading innovations in aircraft safety and technology and worldwide customer service. In the 50 years since relocating in 1967, Gulfstream grew from 100 employees to more than 15,000 around the world. The Savannah headquarters includes facilities for manufacturing, research and development, maintenance, sales, and support.
Erected by the Georgia Historical Society and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.