SPLOST's Passage Allows Bryan County to Start on Projects

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Bryan County is looking forward to getting started on many projects which benefit residents throughout the county following the renewal of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. This one percent sales tax has been in place in Bryan County since 1987 and was overwhelmingly renewed by 84% of voters in favor of the taxation continuing in a county wide vote yesterday.

Revenue is expected to raise around $33 million from the SPLOST which will be divided among Bryan County and the cities within including Pembroke and Richmond Hill which fall within the county, based on population. Bryan County is expected to receive approximately $18.8 million.

Recently, Bryan County was able to purchase two fire trucks that will be used by the Emergency Services department thanks to SPLOST funding. In addition, these tax dollars will be used to help fund proposed and important projects especially those impacting public safety and transportation.

SPLOST drastically increases funding to emergency services and public safety in both facilities and capital equipment. This cycle dedicates almost $1.6 million to public safety to continue the trend of facility and equipment updates to better serve citizens and the 100 employees who serve with Bryan County Public Safety. Almost 18 percent of the County SPLOST share is dedicated to economic development, which leads to more jobs. In addition, with over $3.8 million allocated to transportation related projects with over 300 miles of roadways to maintain, SPLOST is one of many funding components of the county’s transportation plan.

“We are delighted that SPLOST has passed as it will benefit all of our county residents,” said Board of Bryan County Commissioners Chairman Carter Infinger. “This is a huge vote of confidence for the County and we are grateful to have the funding to continue to undertake so many important infrastructure and service projects to better serve our residents.”

SPLOST has funded projects over the last thirty years such as Hendrix Park in North Bryan, Henderson Park in South Bryan, the County Administrative Complex, the Dixie Harn Community Center/Miller Teen Center in Pembroke and the Richmond Hill City Center, to name only a few.

Bryan County is an ever growing and vibrant community and from 2010 through 2015 was the 27 fastest growing County in the nation with a population increase of over 16 percent. With no sign of slowing down, Bryan County pledges to be prepared for the growth and committed to preserving what makes the County so desirable to current citizens and future residents.