Former Congressman will Chair Conservatives for Clean Energy Georgia

Cindy Morley

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

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A longtime Georgia lawmaker has been named Chairman of the Advisory Board for Conservatives for Clean Energy Georgia (CCEGA). The organization that describes itself as committed to “improving the lives of Georgians through more cost effective and cleaner energy” has named former Georgia Congressman and former State Rep. Lynn Westmoreland as its new chair.

“Lynn Westmoreland is one of the bedrocks of conservative leadership in Georgia,” said CCEGA Executive Director Theresa Garcia Robertson. “He helped build a conservative majority in our legislature long before it was fashionable. We are honored to have him chair our board and we are excited about the things we can accomplish together.”

Conservatives for Clean Energy Georgia is a new organization and was launched in March of 2019. The mission, organization officials say, is “to promote free markets, more competition and a diverse portfolio of renewable energy resources to enhance our quality of life and to provide for our security”

“We are at a critical time in our state. Renewable energy is helping improve our economy and the lives of our citizens. We are doing it the conservative way, no taxes and portfolio standards, just good policy,” said Westmoreland. “We are addressing the future of renewable energy in a way that makes sense; conserving our planet’s resources without taking extreme and unrealistic measures.”

Westmoreland pointed out that “solar energy and biomass are the largest taxpayer in some rural counties, and there are several renewable energy companies that have headquarters in Atlanta.” Several members of the Georgia Public Service Commission have also been pushing the idea of more biomass in Georgia.

“From the polling, it is clear our citizens want more of it. Clean energy is benefiting our whole state and I am proud to be a part of it,” Westmoreland added.

CCEGA recently published the results of the 2019 Inaugural Poll conducted by Glen Bolger and Public Opinion Strategies in March of 2019. One of the key findings by Bolger found that: “73 percent of voters in Georgia are more likely to support candidates for public office who support renewable energy options such as solar, wind and energy efficiency programs. Roughly 50 percent of Georgia voters want to see less emphasis on coal and 76 percent of voters want to see more reliance on solar.”

Westmoreland served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1993-2005. He was elected by his peers to be the House Republican Minority Leader in 2001. He was elected to Congress in 2004 and served as congressman for the 8th and 3rd districts from 2005-2007 when he retired. While in Congress, Westmoreland served as a majority whip for the Republican Caucus, and as the chairman of a subcommittee on Cybersecurity and National Security Agency. He currently serves as a board member of the Georgia Department of Transportation.