Infinity, Inc. CEO Chuck Brown Speaks on Technology at Community Events

Staff Report

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Infinity, Inc. CEO Chuck Brown recently spoke with two local business organizations about technology and how it relates to COVID-19.

Chuck joined the Savannah Downtown Business Association on September 16th along with representatives from CEMA and CAT to discuss hurricane preparedness for local businesses under today’s unusual circumstances. In addition, he recently spoke with the CFO Council about managing the security risks of remote work. 

“The technology in your business should be solving problems for you - saving time, building collaboration, improving and protecting your customer relationships. And as new problems arise, like the current pandemic, you may need different solutions or different ways of using your existing technology,” said Brown. “It is important that our local business community be educated on what options are available to them and what a partner should be bringing to their business. Being able to speak with these two outstanding organizations is an honor and shows their commitment as a business group towards educating their member base.” 

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