Center Parc Credit Union Donates $1,500 to Savannah’s PARC Garden

Staff Report

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

Center Parc Credit Union is donating $1,500 to Savannah’s Pennsylvania Avenue Resource Center (PARC) Garden. PARC is a City of Savannah neighborhood resource center committed to providing residents with greater access to nutritious foods in a valued educational and recreational space that contributes to the awareness of healthy eating practices.

The presentation of $1,500 will be awarded on November 18 to the Pennsylvania Avenue Resource Center (PARC) community garden. The garden’s harvest is used to support PARC’s culinary arts program.

“Community gardens increase access to fresh food, enhance beautification throughout neighborhoods, encourage physical activity and increase community knowledge about fresh food and nutrition,” said Donna Williams, community development liaison for Center Parc Credit Union.

The not-for-profit financial institution opened two new branches in Savannah and Pooler Wal-Mart stores this fall, with plans to open a free-standing flagship branch in 2021.

“Although we created the Community Gardens program before the arrival of COVID-19, we are keenly aware that more families need help with their basic needs, such as food, due to the economic impact of the pandemic,” said Chuck Head, president/CEO of Center Parc Credit Union. “Unfortunately, even after the virus is contained, the economic impact is likely to linger.”

To reinforce its mission of helping members achieve financial success, Head said Center Parc’s Community Gardens program will be the cornerstone of its local presence to support the community’s well-being beyond financial services.

“We plan on continuing to provide awards on a monthly basis through the end of 2020 and beyond,” Williams said. “We also plan to open our first Community Parc garden to serve the community in 2021. It is our goal to help members flourish."

The presentation is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Wednesday, November 18 at the Pennsylvania Avenue Resource Center (PARC), 425 Pennsylvania Avenue, Savannah, GA 31404.

Williams says applicable nonprofits are encouraged to apply for future Center Parc Credit Union sponsorships at