That Would Have Been Nice to Know – Dr. Julie Olsen Publishes a New Book with Advice for People Changing Career Roles

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Dr. Julie Olsen, local author, publishes a new book providing advice on career moves. That Would Have Been Nice to Know! is a compilation of advice gathered from interviews with 28 extraordinary people who made successful career transitions.

According to a study conducted by Achievers Workforce Institute, 52% of employees intend to look for a new job in 2021. During this time of increasing job changes, Dr. Julie Olsen wanted to provide success strategies for anyone moving into a new role. There is also an added benefit for employers, now they know where new employees may struggle and can create strategies to address their challenges.

“Often, people wait until it’s too late and discover they had not taken a few simple steps that would have made the transition much smoother,” she stated. That Would Have Been Nice to Know! Advice From Those Who Made Successful Career Transitions is designed to help you map out your new path for success.

The people she interviewed are quite diverse in many ways. She includes advice from a few locals and people from various regions of United States. Some of the advice comes from people in their first role after graduation and some advice is from interviewees who were more experienced and moved within or outside of their industry. Military veterans offer tips to help navigate the sometimes-challenging task of moving into and adapting to the civilian world. In addition, Dr. Olsen interviewed entrepreneurs, new leaders, and even retirees to discover what they wish they knew before they made their job change. The book is designed to help you reach your goals and those of the organization much quicker.

Experts in the field are already raving about the book. Vanessa Van Edwards, best-selling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People stated, “Julie Olsen is the mentor we all wish we priceless advice that we all need. And now it's here! Keep this book by your side as you navigate career transition, career change and career success."

Dr. Julie Olsen is an experienced coach and consultant providing unique solutions and engaging leadership workshops across the country. Her passion is equipping leaders and enhancing interpersonal and team communications. Drawing from more than 30 years of comprehensive operational and leadership development experience, Dr. Olsen has helped individuals, teams, and numerous organizations advance their mission and feel more valued by leveraging their strengths. Along with her doctorate, she has earned an MBA and holds several HR certifications. For more information, contact Dr. Olsen at Her book is available on Amazon at