Camp Southern Ground Celebrated “What Different Can Do" Campaign

Staff Report

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

This April, Camp Southern Ground celebrated “What Different Can Do,” an awareness campaign to flip the perception of “different” on its head. Recognizing the impact being considered "different" and sidelined, marginalized, isolated, or bullied can have on a child's self-esteem, confidence, and mental health, “What Different Can Do” celebrates differences, supports inclusion and raises funds to help send over 700 children to summer camp.

Camp Southern Ground, founded by GRAMMY Award-winning artist Zac Brown, was built from the ground up to be fully inclusive. One of the first residential programs in the country to be accredited by the National Inclusion Project, Camp Southern Ground’s model includes sensory-inclusive facilities design, individualized accommodation plans, and a program that utilizes universal design principles to ensure all campers can be included in every activity. 

Through the experience of summer camp, Camp Southern Ground brings together children of different backgrounds and abilities and celebrates every child as unique, providing them with the encouragement, confidence and tools that allow them to see themselves and others through a new lens – one that recognizes differences as assets and, ultimately, changes the world for the better.

“From the beginning, our goal has been to provide a safe and healthy environment where children have an opportunity to grow with, learn from, and connect to children who may be different from them. That kind of inclusion changes you. It teaches children empathy, gives them an understanding of differences, and encourages them to celebrate their own strengths to create a positive ripple effect for life.” – Camp Southern Ground CEO Mike Dobbs