What Teens Need to Know About Financial Literacy

Staff Report

Friday, May 13th, 2022

April was National Financial Literacy month. Center Parc Credit Union has a podcast aimed at high school students with the goal of giving young people the financial know-how they need to thrive as adults.

Episodes of the podcast range from four to five minutes and cover a wide financial spectrum: credit cards, payment apps, setting up a savings plan, buying a car and more. The podcast can be reached via the website https://elementsofmoney.com/centerparc/.

“Financial literacy is woefully lacking in this country,” said Belinda Blair, VP of Marketing for Center Parc Credit Union. “The best solution is to reach people right when they begin to develop a financial identity, and for most people, that starts as early as the high school years. By reaching young people through a medium they enjoy using – podcasts – we hope to help them understand financial issues like credit, debt and savings."

Visitors to the website can choose from a wide array of podcast topics. Some sample titles are “So Many Ways to Pay (AKA How to Buy Stuff),” “Can I Get a Credit Card?,” and “Three Steps to Buying Your First Car.” The educational outreach is in keeping with Center Parc’s commitment to community engagement and improvement. The financial institution’s most high-profile community involvement is through its support of community gardens throughout the Chatham County area, but the service commitment does not stop there.