Healthy Savannah Wins Statewide Recognition for Public Health Initiatives

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Healthy Savannah is pleased to announce it has received statewide recognition from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation.

The coalition has received the 2020 Joseph D. Greene Community Service Collaborative Award for its work to make Savannah a healthier place to live.

“We are beyond thrilled to receive this recognition from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation,” said Paula Kreissler, Director of Healthy Living and Community Development at Healthy Savannah. “It shines a light on over 200 extraordinary individuals and partners who have shown unwavering dedication to making the healthy choice the easy choice. Savannah is a healthier place to live because of their commitment.”

Launched in 2007 by (former) Mayor Otis Johnson, Healthy Savannah’s mission is to build a culture of health in the community by sharing resources with organizations, advocating healthy policies, and building a collaborative environment. The coalition supports programs for families, schools, businesses, and faith-based organizations. It is led by people from all sectors of the community.

Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s Joseph D. Greene Community Service Award was created to honor individuals, nonprofit health organizations, and community collaboratives for improving the quality of health and healthcare of those they serve. As a founding Healthcare Georgia Foundation board member, Greene helped steward the organization from its inception in 1999 through his retirement from the board in 2006. By recognizing those who inspire and lift others up, the organization strives to continue Greene’s legacy of community service through the work of others.

“Mr. Greene’s remarkable triumph over poverty and adversity proves that by working together, we can improve the quality of life of everyone in the community,” Kreissler said. “His legacy inspires us to continue to make Savannah a healthier place because this is a cause worth fighting for and winning. This award encourages me to keep doing what we’re doing with more energy and passion.”