Memorial Health CEO Shayne George: Caring Today for Healthier Tomorrow

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

The human race has faced an enemy like no other these last few months, one that has made time stand still for our nation and our world. Never in our lifetimes have we faced a crisis like this one. Homes have turned into offices, schools, sanctuaries. Social distancing has become common language. We have been stretched to imagine a new way of life, a new normal. Stretched, but not broken. Each day that passes brings the hope of a healthier tomorrow.

Through it all, HCA Healthcare has remained focused on one thing – the care and improvement of human life. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. In times of uncertainty, our people show up. When faced with a challenge, we see the path forward.

Joining with our colleagues and our physicians, we are taking action to ensure – now more than ever – that you are in safe hands. We have established enhanced protections throughout our sites of care to create a safe environment for everyone who walks through our doors. There’s a lot to worry about in these uncertain times – getting healthcare shouldn’t be one of them.

In front of us all is the chance to move forward. To move beyond fear. To define our new normal. To find our healthier tomorrow. To fix broken hearts and broken bones. To lessen the pain and cure disease. To tend to ailments so that you can find peace of mind. We will walk alongside you as you step back into your life, starting with your health.

Care is the foundation of our values and the core of our mission. HCA Healthcare will, one step at a time, help you move forward.

We are here to ensure you receive the care you need today, for a healthier tomorrow.