Custom Audio Video on Being an Essential Business

Sean Stewart

Monday, June 8th, 2020

This year has been extraordinary, and almost daily there is a new challenge we must overcome in our lives and our business. These past few months have changed so much about the way we operate in nearly every part of our lives.  For Custom Audio Video, these changes have been met with excitement as we strive to help our clients overcome these new challenges. Thankfully, we have been able to continue operating as an essential business, albeit with plenty of new precautions in place. In response to these trying times, we’ve found three components of business have risen to new importance: remote access, robust home networking, and improving living space at home. 

When schools closed and people began to work from home, it quickly became obvious just how important it is to have remote access, but many were not equipped to work or school from home. It is entirely possible to join video calls and be an active participant with a simple laptop or smartphone as long as the device has a camera and a microphone. However, with an affordable external camera or microphone and a dedicated and comfortable work space, the presentation and professionalism of remote access can be improved dramatically.  Having the ability to work remotely and still maintain a professional standard became a priority for our clients almost overnight, and it also highlighted the second rising need, home network. 

Wi-Fi coverage is so common nowadays that it is almost expected everywhere and nearly every home has some form of internet service. Home wi-fi, also know as a home network, is far from one size fits all. As the number of simultaneously active users and devices increases more demand is placed on the home network, especially for bandwidth intensive tasks like streaming lessons and media, or making video calls. Combined with the needs of different home sizes and it becomes obvious that designing a solid and robust home network is a lot more complicated than a router provided by a service provider. The recent sudden move to working and schooling from home put a lot of strain on home networks and highlighted the need for a home network designed for the modern world. 

The final component is less about productivity and more about comfort and enjoying being home. With so many people staying home due to the recent global events, we are seeing a rise in the desire to improve various systems in homes, particularly in outdoor spaces. As it seems the trend will be to remain somewhat distanced from one another for a while, improving the outdoor areas of homes is becoming more in demand. This is increasing the need for products like outdoor televisions and landscape lighting and sound. 

Change came quickly and adjusted the priorities of so many people. Custom Audio Video is thankful that we have been able to be a resource and a help for our clients not just during these past few months but also over the last 23 years. We remain committed to providing smart solutions to meet our clients needs and wants.