Tiny House Project Receives $10,000 Grant from Georgia Power

Staff Report

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

The Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless (CSAH) announced that it has received a $10,000 grant from Georgia Power. The funds will go directly towards construction of Phase 2 of the Tiny House Project. The Tiny House Project is the state of Georgia’s first effort dedicated to reducing veteran homelessness by providing permanent, affordable tiny homes and is CSAH’s most visible community endeavor. 

In response to the grant, Cindy Kelley, CSAH Executive Director said “Georgia Power’s commitment to a better Savannah is evident in their support of this affordable housing effort on behalf of U.S. military veterans. Their generous gift will help to improve the lives of 24 more veterans for years to come, as well as save our local taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It also pushes the Tiny House Project one step closer to our campaign goal.”

Phase 1 of the Tiny House Project community, called the Cove at Dundee, is currently home to 23 formerly homeless veterans and includes a clubhouse for laundry and community meetings, as well as a tiny medical clinic staffed by J.C. Lewis Primary Health Care. All residents pay an affordable rent of $240 per month, which includes utilities, and are expected to meet their daily needs with their income.

Phase 2 of the community will provide 24 more fully furnished homes for homeless veterans and another clubhouse. CSAH broke ground on Phase 2 on October 16, 2020 and expects to complete construction in 2021. The new residents will have access to the same wide range of supportive services available to the residents of Phase 1 through CSAH and its community partners. 

“Georgia Power is committed to improving the lives of the citizens of our community. We are proud to be able to provide support to Phase 2 of the Tiny House Project and commend CSAH on the remarkable success of Phase 1 in meeting the needs of homeless veterans,” said Swann Seiler, Georgia Power Manager of External Affairs.