Chief Justice Melton to Leave Supreme Court

Staff Report

Monday, February 15th, 2021

Chief Justice Harold D. Melton announced today that he will leave the Supreme Court of Georgia effective July 1, 2021.

In a statement to court staff and the Georgia Judicial Council – the policy-making body for the state’s judicial branch of government – he said he does not yet know what he will do next.

“July 31 will mark my 30th year working in state government, 16 years with the Court,” Chief Justice Melton said. “This fall, all of our three children will be attending college at the same time. Now is the best time for me to explore opportunities for the next season of life that will allow me to best serve our legal community and my extended family. I do not now know what my next move will be. With this announcement, I can begin the search process in earnest.

Chief Justice Melton is leaving a year and two months before his four-year term as Chief Justice comes to an end. He was appointed to the Supreme Court July 1, 2005 by Governor Sonny Perdue; he became Chief Justice Aug. 31, 2018. Governor Brian Kemp will appoint a new Justice.

“It has not been easy to decide the best time to leave a job with a mission that I believe in and people I love working with,” Chief Justice Melton said to court staff. “We have done great work together for the benefit of the citizens of this great state, and this Court is well-positioned to continue the high calling that has clearly been set before us. I have such a peace and confidence that justice will continue to be served.”