Data Privacy Day So Important It’s Now a Week

Staff Report

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

Data Privacy Day, an international initiative since 2008, has been deemed so critical to public safety that it has been expanded to Data Privacy Week in 2022.

“Everything you do online generates data,” says the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Consider just one small example. Your cell phone has apps that all seem to want to turn on location tracking. These include photo and retail apps, not just mapping and direction tools. They want to be able to send you offers and pop up notifications, which can, of course, be helpful.

But think about that data even with your personal information removed. As a collection of geographic locations, it can still say quite a bit about you.

The location where you spend the most time is probably where you live. The spot that pops up almost every morning around 7:30 AM could be your favorite coffee shop. Or maybe it’s your child’s school. The second-most length of time location could be your office.

What does that matter if it doesn’t have your name? Public property records can provide your name. And a simple Google search with your name and city can pull up the company you work for, your Facebook or LinkedIn account, and other information.

As a consumer, when was the last time you read the terms and conditions before agreeing?

As a business owner, how clear are your employees and customers on what data you collect and why, and where and for how long you store it?

Data Privacy Week is the perfect time to get some tips and information to better protect yourself and your family, as well as helping your business handle data more securely.

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