Senior Life Insurance to Celebrate 15 Years in Thomasville

Shawndra Russell

Monday, May 11th, 2015

In 2000, the Powell family purchased a life insurance company that had been operating  since 1970 and was licensed in six states. Since acquiring the business and renaming it Senior Life Insurance Company, father and son Dale and Ron Powell, along with many dedicated employees and agents, have helped grow annual sales more than 300% and become licensed and operational in 39 states as well as the District of Columbia. “We are proud of our healthy growth in a relatively short amount of time, and the opportunity created for many,” says Dale Powell, Senior Life CEO.  

Their national success hasn’t changed their core values, however, which are “strong, driven leadership, hard work, and the confidence that together we can accomplish anything,” he says. 

And, with their larger reach, these values put Georgia, and Thomasville particularly, in the national spotlight in a positive way.  Powell explains, “We feel that our small town values and roots transcend to other parts of the country and help to project an image of family and community that is important to us.  We also enjoy contributing to growth in our state and community.” 

“We have found that the State of Georgia works hard to foster business and growth,” says Ron Powell, Senior Life President. 

To help foster the growth of Thomasville, Senior Life is committed to giving back to their community with events throughout the year and charitable contributions. “We enjoy giving back through the Senior Life Community Outreach Program, which was started by home office employees in 2005,” Ron Powell says. 

Through this program, they support many local and national charities and organizations that focus on volunteer service. They also track volunteer hours and monetary contributions that employees participate in through the year and have steadily seen increases over the years in the hundreds of volunteer hours and thousands of dollars raised for a variety of causes from year to year. 

Other keys to their success include keeping “a strong focus on serving our policyholders and our agents. We strive to be progressive and innovative and still provide the personal contact. Policyholders and agents allow for our existence, and the more we satisfy them the more we can do,” says Ron Powell. 

He also advises that “everyone needs some sort of life insurance protection, and the sooner you buy it the lower the rate is.”