Savannah Film Alliance Unveils New Logo Developed by Newly-Appointed Creative Director Ray Jacobs

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

The Savannah Film Alliance is pleased to debut its new logo developed by its newly-appointed Creative Director, Ray Jacobs. Jacobs was a co-founder of Jacobs & Gerber Advertising, which became the most successful ad agency in the world specializing in entertainment and news promotion. Jacobs, who was inducted into the PromaxDBA Hall of Fame in 2004, currently also serves as the Executive Vice President of Tytan Creates, located on Tybee Island, Ga.

The new logo is designed to provide a strong brand statement to the film industry about the Alliance’s mission in promoting the Savannah area film community and will serve as a symbol of pride and ownership for Savannah Film Alliance members.

Utilizing the Alliance’s initials, Jacobs created the graphic to impart a feeling of “film” using transparent shapes and graphic “backplates” that be utilized to feature specific video footage or photos of movie scenes filmed in Savannah or proposed scenes for new productions.

“I wanted the logo to be contemporary and speak to today’s expectations of current technology and techniques of movie production,” Jacobs said. “And I wanted to design a logo that had visual magic and changed perspective when observed, which brings to mind the magic of movie making.

“While the purpose of a logo is to identify a product or service with a distinct brand that separates the product or service from the others,” Jacobs said, “it also is used to empower the selling of that product or service with the synthesis of what it is. As a result, an effective logo should instantly tell the visual story of an organization’s culture and values.”

Business and entertainment attorney Charles Bowen, who spearheaded the development of the Savannah Film Alliance and serves as its ex-officio attorney, said Jacobs’ design illustrates the goals of the Alliance.

“Ray’s design reflects intelligence, innovation and ambition. It perfectly depicts our brand statement, our membership dynamics and our overall mission,” Bowen said. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Tytan Creates is a content creation company headquartered on Tybee Island, Georgia, specializing in documentaries, brand visions, commercials, print, animation and corporate media. It also has created another division for long-form film productions called “Tytan Pictures.”

The Savannah Film Alliance has been on the forefront of promoting the growth of the local entertainment industry, including support for the Georgia Film Academy at Savannah Tech and the Big River Film Festival in July in Savannah. It is currently preparing to release a new eBook on the film industry in Savannah.