Savannah Spirits Group Launches Their New Amber Rum

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Savannah Spirits Group announces the release of the next addition to their libation portfolio, Savannah Spirits Amber Rum. The Amber recipe fuses caramel notes of Savannah Spirits Silver Rum with Imperial Sugar-made dark cane syrup for ambrosial boldness.
Loyal to an expression of a passion for history, Savannah Spirits Group embarked on a journey to create a dulcet spirit with the character of revered spiced and aged rums. With expert distillers and guidance from  Imperial Sugar management team, they struck liquid gold.
“Thanks to the suggestions from our Imperial Sugar experts, we were able to mirror qualities of choice aged rums through employing a unique process. We are excited to present something noteworthy to the dark rum world which has a simultaneously abundant and mellow flavor. It carries the same essence as our silver rum, but we gave it a little edge, ” says co-founder Dean Bell.
Savannah Spirits Amber is a golden-hued harmony of clear and consistent caramel and molasses-like notes with delicate vanilla aromas, which holds enough flavor and promises equal enjoyment served neat or in a concoction. To achieve the Amber’s melodious taste, the team preserved the candied notes of Savannah Spirits Silver Rum and then reintroduced dark cane syrup to the ingredients post-distillation. This key component accounts for the matured appearance and flavor of Savannah Spirits Amber.
Savannah Spirits Amber is now available at local retailers, restaurants and bars throughout Savannah.