Every Day Boater Appoints Lesley Francis Public Relations

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Every Day Boater (EDB) recently announced the appointment of Lesley Francis Public Relations (LFPR) to handle its public relations and marketing programs. Lesley Francis and her team are working closely with EDB and will be responsible for media and community relations, copy writing, strategic business planning and other marketing initiatives.

EDB is an independent business, based in Richmond Hill owned by Hector Claudio. Hector has lived in coastal Georgia for four years and has always enjoyed the outdoors and boating. He became frustrated with the sunglasses available at a range of price points, unable to find a quality, stylish and robust product which offered high performance and good value for money. This passion led him to source and launch the EDB range of quality sunglasses including a lifetime guarantee, which are significantly more affordable than comparable quality brands. 

Lesley Francis has over thirty years’ experience in public relations. British-born Lesley founded her first agency in London, England in 1998, and over nine years she grew it into the 14th-largest in the UK. After selling her business to a global media group in 2007, she ran their global PR division for two years until relocating to Savannah, Georgia, where she became a naturalized American citizen. Francis set up LFPR in 2011, and the agency has grown every year through its “can-do” attitude and the team’s ability to design and execute integrated campaigns that target the right audiences and key influencers. This approach provides LFPR’s clients with a solid and measurable return on investment.

“I’m thrilled to begin this partnership,” said Hector. “Every Day Boater is just taking off and raising our profile in time for the summer season is just what we need to make people aware of our expanding range of sunglasses. LFPR is going to help us improve people’s outdoor experience!”