Savannah Technical College Earns Statewide Recognition at Annual TCSG Leadership Conference

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Monday, November 18th, 2019

Savannah Technical College and its Foundation received three awards when the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) gathered for its annual leadership conference in Savannah, October 28-29, 2019.

Sam McCachern honored as STC’s Volunteer of the Year

Samuel G. McCachern is the epitome of a volunteer leader and all the organizations in our community know it. Sam gives of his time, expertise, energy and financial resources to his many volunteer efforts, all while serving as President/CEO of Thomas & Hutton, an engineering firm with eleven offices across the southeast.

Savannah Technical College Foundation is fortunate to have had Sam as chair of its Board of Trustees, a position he has held for three years.

During his time as Board Chair, Sam personally led the STC Foundation to the finish line on an important project – buying a historic building in the heart of downtown to house the College’s award-winning culinary/baking arts programs, including a student-run bakery/restaurant. Sam’s leadership was instrumental in moving the project forward. With other leaders in place, the College was unable to bring our vision to reality, over a frustrating four-year period. At the annual strategic planning retreat for the Foundation Board, in front of his peers, he personally committed to making the building purchase happen within the year and he delivered. He connected the Foundation to the best local corporate real estate agent and led it through the diligence process –finding partners who would work alongside the Foundation with good will and humor, mostly donating their time and expertise to the project. 

With Sam at the helm, the STC Foundation has been recognized for best practices by the Technical College System of Georgia, having been named a Role Model Board in 2016-19. This designation signifies that the organization adheres to industry-standard policies/procedures, staff participates in professional development and all Board members (20) demonstrate personal commitment to engagement and support of the college. Sam so strongly believes in this process that he has encouraged other groups he volunteers with to adopt a similar methodology.

STC Board of Trustees earns Role Model Board designation

The Savannah Technical College Foundation Board of Trustees earned the designation of Technical College Foundation Association (TCFA) 2019 Role Model Foundation Board Certification for the fourth consecutive year at TCSG’s Fall Leadership Conference earlier this month.

The TCFA Role Model Foundation Board Certification is an annual certification process sponsored by the TCFA of Georgia, a membership organization that represents the 22 Technical College System of Georgia foundations and more than 600 trustees statewide.

The TCFA Delegate Council presents this award to encourage and recognize foundation boards that engage in outstanding business practices and demonstrate the highest level of commitment. In order to obtain the certification, not only does the board as a whole have to meet certain requirements, but each individual board member must meet specific requirements.

To be eligible to receive the certification a foundation must engage in best practices in nonprofit governance, board management, and operations; have policies in place to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, especially in financial matters; be led by a Board of Trustees whose members are actively engaged in the foundation’s development activities; and support the professional development and state-level participation of their Trustees, Executive Director and college advancement personnel.

All trustees must demonstrate active engagement in the work of the board through regular attendance at board and committee meetings and college and foundation events, participation in leadership activities and personal professional development, and fundraising on behalf of the board.

The STC Foundation Board of Trustees 2019-20 membership includes: Gary Sanchez, Chair; Brynn Grant, Vice Chair; Stewart Bromley, Treasurer; Lynne Marini, At Large; Stan Sparks, At Large; Bertice Berry; David Burkoff; Scott Center; Loretta Cockrum; John Coleman; Patrick Connell; Bill Dickinson; Franklin Goldwire; Brynn Grant; Robyn Iannone; Mary Morrison; Alfonso Ribot; Michael Traynor; Cecilia Russo Turner.

Founded in 1984, the Savannah Technical College Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that exists to raise and disburse funds to support the College’s efforts to enhance learning, workforce training and economic development in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham and Liberty counties. The STC Foundation recently helped the College purchase 7 West Bay Street as the new location for an expansion of STC’s Culinary Arts program.


Local Board earns TCDA of Georgia, Inc. board certification for all members

Savannah Technical College earned Technical College Directors’ Association (TCDA) board certification for all board members of the local board of directors for the first time to become inducted into the 100% Club.

All local board members become members of the TCDA when they join their respective local board. TCDA provides the training necessary to become a certified board member. To achieve the status of “certified board member,” board members are required to attend a series of professional development classes consisting of: new board orientation/governance; building relationships with elected officials; community advocacy; understanding the legislative budgeting process and financial management of technical colleges and an elective workshop.

In order to become TCDA Certified, a local board member must complete the four required workshops, one elective workshop plus two required and eight selected activities. Selective activities include attending 80% of local board meetings, going on a tour of the technical college, attending a TCSG State Board meeting or TCSG Leadership Conference, etc.

The STC Local Board of Directors 2019-20 membership includes: Mary Warnell, Chairman (Bryan); Todd Hoffman (Effingham); Brandt Herndon (Effingham); Terry Lemmons (Bryan); Donald Lovette (Liberty); Tom Ratcliffe (Liberty); James Williams (Chatham); James Williams (Chatham).