Savannah Jazz Presents Herb Alpert

Staff Report

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Savannah Jazz is thrilled to present America’s #1 jazz trumpeter and music legend, Herb Alpert, who will be joined by his award-winning vocalist wife, Lani Hall in concert on July 23 at the Lucas Theatre.

Alpert has sold over 72 million records, 29 of which were gold or platinum, he founded A & M records, discovering, and promoting such great artists as The Carpenters and The Police. And in 1966 he sold more records worldwide than the Beatles.

He is also a fine artist in his own right creating abstract paintings and sculptures. His own music has evolved through the 1960’s with the Tijuana Brass through the 1980s with his contemporaneous world hit Rise and onward with his work in the 1990s with Jimmy Jam. Through the Herb Alpert Foundation he has supported a wide range of music and arts education programs.

Alpert married Lani Hall in 1973 during her successful solo years and the two went on to record 3 LPs together including the 2013 Grammy-winning Stepping Out. Her 2020 Album, Seasons of Love, is another successful collaboration with Alpert that celebrates how powerful love is. The recent streaming documentary Herb Alpert Is chronicles his amazing career and the love story with Lani. Still playing stronger than ever he released his album Catch the Wind in 2021.

Savannah Jazz Director, Paula Fogarty, says, “You just can’t be in a bad mood listening to Herb Alpert’s music! Whether it is early Tijuana Brass or later work, it is profound and inspiring. I know we will have some people on their feet at this show!”