Creative Coast Announces Abbegayle Stallons as New PR & Marketing Coordinator

Friday, September 29th, 2023

The Creative Coast, a Savannah 501(c)3 non-profit focussed on catalyzing the local innovation economy, is thrilled to announce it has hired Abbegayle Stallons as the Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator. In this role, Stallons supports The Creative Coast’s content strategy and development and leads marketing efforts for the organization’s new chooseSAV brand and website. 

Stallons interned with The Creative Coast for two years while a student at Georgia Southern University. During her internship, Stallons was an integral part of the team, in which she focused on optimizing The Creative Coast’s digital marketing channels with a focus on SEO and content creation. During this time, she significantly contributed to the launch of The Creative Coast’s new website, She graduated from Georgia Southern University this past May with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and will pursue her Master of Arts in Professional Communications in the spring of 2024.

While originally from Dallas, Georgia, Stallons has lived in the Savannah area for five years now and brings her expertise of the city to chooseSAV full-time. The brand is centered around, which is focused on guiding relocatees and potential relocatees on how to live, work, and play in Savannah as a local. The website appeals not only to those relocating to the area but to current locals as well. It features a comprehensive list of neighborhoods, various fun activities, and information on how to work and launch or scale a business in the Savannah area.

To connect with Stallons and learn more about advertisement opportunities on, reach out to [email protected]. To learn more about opportunities with the chooseSAV brand, plan to attend The Creative Coast’s chooseSAV + Coastal Navigator Launch party on October 10, 2023 from 4:30pm - 6:30pm at the Savannah Boathouse Marina. More details and the link to RSVP can be found at