Savannah History Museum Awarded 1st Place Regional Winner at International Best Brochure Competition

Friday, July 9th, 2021

Official Guides of Savannah (OGS) submitted its member, the Savannah History Museum/Coastal Heritage Society’s brochure as an entry in The International Association of Visitor Information Providers 2020 Best Brochure Awards Competition, and the museum won 1st Place Regional Winner in this prestigious annual contest. 

Visitor International, The International Association of Visitor Information Providers, runs an annual ‘Best Brochure Awards’ competition to encourage the effective design of brochures for visitors, and to acknowledge and commend those that produce well-designed, quality visitor brochures.

During 2020, from a possible field of over 19,000 brochures, representing the collective client base of the association’s membership, brochures were nominated for consideration for the awards. The selection criteria used to both short-list the best brochures, and to select the overall and regional winners, included the visual appeal of the brochure; its effectiveness in communicating to visitors; the brochure’s content, and the quality of the print materials used.

The judges were all industry professionals representing visitor information brochure display and distribution companies and organizations from across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, and South Africa.

“Brochures have a vital role in tourism as they inform and influence visitors to enjoy great local experiences. This creates delighted visitors which then positively affects their connection with the hospitality and tourism providers as well as the destination itself.   This award recognizes that some brochures are more successful than others due to their design and ability to attract interest and attention from visitors,” said OGS CEO DeAnne Mitchell. “At OGS, we display many brochures at key destinations throughout Savannah to ensure all visitors enjoy their time here so much that they’ll want to stay longer, come back and tell their family and friends. We were thoroughly impressed with the brochure from Coastal Heritage Society and thought they well-represented our region. The organization has had a massive impact on tourism in The Hostess City, and we are very proud that they have been awarded this prestigious recognition.” 

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“It is our mission to provide educational experiences for the public through the preservation and presentation of the historic resources of coastal Georgia. In order to fulfill our mission, we use Official Guides of Savannah for their professional brochure distribution and display to reach more visitors. We know first impressions count, and that’s why we have strived for marketing materials that demonstrate our unique educational offerings and persuade the viewer to pay us a visit,” said Sandra Baxter, CEO of the Coastal Heritage Society. “We are so thankful to OGS for nominating us for this competition; and we are immensely humbled to receive such an award that reflects our dedication to Savannah and allows us to represent our region as a wonderful travel destination.” 

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