SCAD Salutes Local Organizations for their Creatively, Kindness, Grit and Goodness

Staff Report

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is celebrating local organizations that have continued to supply the needs of daily life for all Savannahians in the face of remarkable hardship and historic events by presenting them with the SCAD Salutes award. These organizations have demonstrated virtues long held in highest esteem at SCAD: CREATIVITY, KINDNESS, GRIT, and GOODNESS.

SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace said, “Savannah's businesses and nonprofits—our neighbors—continue to provide valuable services and nourish us with food, fellowship, and fortitude through this unprecedented period, and SCAD Salutes proudly lauds their perseverance and giving spirit. As we sail toward brighter tomorrows, SCAD celebrates our home city's hearts and hands, those of imaginative makers, determined doers, and generous guides.”

Since March, SCAD has honored dozens of local businesses including Union Mission, Blessings in a Book Bag, Perry Lane Hotel, Visit Savannah, Currey Dry Cleaners, Hansen Architects, Bethesda Academy, sociologists/author Dr. Bertice Berry, COVID-19 vaccine researcher Dr. Paul Bradley and many others who have persevered to bring goods and services to their neighbors amid circumstances that would have seemed unfathomable a short while ago. They are heroes to their customers, clients, and communities.

Perry Lane Hotel General Manager Pritpal Singh said, “Creativity, kindness, grit, and goodness are virtues that we hold dear. To be given the SCAD Salutes Award for exhibiting these attributes in the face of hardship is incredibly meaningful for us. It is very telling of the heart and soul that we pour into our work each and every day, and we are humbled to be recognized for it.  Thank you to Paula Wallace for this honor!”

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