Goodwill Opportunity Center Partners with The Empowerment Center/ Feed the Hungry

Thursday, April 14th, 2022

Goodwill Southeast Georgia today announced a new partnership with the Empowerment Center/ Feed the Hungry. This partnership provides a holistic approach to education, support, and employment services for anyone in the community seeking economic independence.

While Goodwill’s Opportunity Center provides hands-on training, meaningful support, and employment services, the Empowerment Center/ Feed the Hungry offers an extensive network of community partners and resources. This partnership offers individuals access to personalized career coaching and crucial community resources to address barriers to sustainable employment.

“We continue to seek innovative ways to reach and serve our community,” says Veronica Styron, Vice President, Mission Services, Goodwill Southeast Georgia. “Through our partnership with the Empowerment Center, Goodwill is positioned to support individuals preparing for careers while navigating obstacles that may be keeping those goals out of reach.”

“We are excited to partner with one of the leading agencies in the coastal empire,” says Carl Gilliard, Founder, the Empowerment Center/Feed the Hungry. “We share the very same goals of empowering the working poor and giving opportunities to equip individuals for new careers and sustainability.”

The benefits of this partnership include:

  • One-on-one coaching with on-site Goodwill Career Services Specialists at the Empowerment Center.
  • Extensive support network through collaborative community partners.
  • Access to industry-recognized certification programs in high-demand careers, financial literacy, and digital training opportunities

Goodwill Southeast Georgia is a complex and diverse social enterprise committed to helping individuals overcome barriers to sustainable employment. Revenue earned from operations directly supports no-cost training, educational opportunities, industry-recognized credentials, and support services available through the Opportunity Centers. In 2021, the Opportunity Center served 3,677 individuals and placed 241 in employment.

The Empowerment Center operates in partnership with St. Joseph’s Candler as a one-stop-shop resource center for those seeking sustainable opportunities to elevate themselves out of poverty. Since its opening in 2019, the Empowerment Center has aided 244 individuals in the transition from renting to purchasing a home. 

The first collaborative event will be a multi-employer career fair held at the Empowerment Center, located at 4708 Augusta Rd., Savannah, GA 31408, on May 6, 2022.