Infinity, Inc: Data Privacy Week Tips for 2023

Staff Report

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Data Privacy Week returns January 22-28, 2023, to urge individuals and businesses to manage and protect their data. Infinity, Inc. is proud to be a Champion of this initiative once again and share ways to keep yourself safe. 

Data Privacy Week is an annual effort expanded from Data Privacy Day, an international initiative since 2008. Its goal is to raise awareness of the proper handling of the massive amounts of information we generate online. Individuals need to know the power they have to manage their data, and businesses need to understand the importance of respecting their users’ data. We live in a world where this has become critical to public safety. 

Infinity, Inc. CEO Chuck Brown says,  

“Think through just one average day of your life. You wake up and pick up your cell phone. You check social media, which is tracking your location, interests, and friends. You check your email which tells businesses your news and shopping preferences. You go to work, providing geographical information, and use the Internet, building a search history of terms and questions. Data about you is constantly being compiled without you consciously choosing to share your thoughts. As a father, voter, and consumer, this concerns me and makes me want to disconnect completely sometimes. And as a business owner, this keeps me up at night, worrying about what we need or don’t need to track, the best way to safely store it, and how to protect our clients.” 

Data Privacy Week provides the tips and information you need to handle data more securely in your business and to better protect yourself and your family as well. 

Join Data Privacy Week champion Infinity, Inc. January 22-28, 2023, to learn how to take back control of your valuable online data. Visit or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.