Georgia Chamber Foundation Releases War for Talent Economic Report

Staff Report

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Today, the Georgia Chamber Foundation, the state’s leading economic research organization, announced the release of its Fourth Quarter Economic Report highlighting the strength of Georgia’s position in the global War for Talent.  

“The Georgia Chamber Foundation’s Quarterly Economic Reports provide data and information that allow business and community leaders to make strategic decisions and better utilize investments to make a difference in communities across the state,” said Daniela Perry, Vice President of the Georgia Chamber Foundation. “As companies across the nation face unprecedented workforce shortages, Georgia is leading the way in developing innovative solutions to bolster our workforce, increase competitiveness, and ensure the economic prosperity of our state.”  

The Fourth Quarter Report provides relevant data and statistics on every stage of Georgia’s talent pipeline as well as regional breakdowns. These tailored insights provide our state’s leaders and businesses with the information they need to identify comprehensive solutions that address the workforce shortage. The Georgia Chamber believes developing solutions for the full workforce pipeline will create resiliency in our economy, providing increased opportunity for Georgians for years to come. 

For over 100 years, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce has existed to serve the state’s businesses, communities, and citizens. To read the Fourth Quarter Economic Report and learn more about the Chamber’s efforts to win the War for Talent, click here.