City Issued Record Number of Residential Construction Permits in 2023

Thursday, February 8th, 2024

In 2023, the value of construction permitted for residential projects by the City set a record high, while commercial permitting included significant investments in manufacturing sites within city limits.

The value of construction permits issued by the City’s Development Services Department for multi-family housing in 2023 was $123,768,445 for 823 new units. New residential construction permits, which includes single-family homes and townhouses, were valued at $163,885,862 for the 638 permits issued in 2023. This is the highest valuation amount the City has permitted in a calendar year for residential construction.

“As Savannah grows, we are focused on creating the best opportunities for our residents to benefit from this growth,” City Manager Joseph A. “Jay” Melder said. “Savannah is and should be a great place to live and a great place to visit. We want to ensure the vital services that create a great quality of life for residents are secured.” 

Commercial development in 2023 included permits for three new manufacturing sites in the City of Savannah issued to companies which will contribute parts and services to the Hyundai plant being built in neighboring Bryan County. The three sites were issued permits for construction valued at over $100 million.

“We have a great team in Development Services,” Julie McLean, City of Savannah Development Services director said. “Our staff provides vital oversight of construction in our community, while also supporting the local economy as Savannah grows.”