Development Authority of Bryan County Announces Interim CEO Appointment

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, April 15th, 2024

The Development Authority of Bryan County (DABC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Register as the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This decision comes at a pivotal time for the authority as it continues to foster economic growth and development within the county.

Sean Register brings to the position a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in both the private and public sectors. Known for his strategic vision and leadership, Register has been instrumental in driving initiatives that have significantly contributed to the economic prosperity of the region. “Sean's experience in business development, strategic partnerships, and community engagement makes him the ideal candidate to lead the authority during this interim period, while we work to hire the next CEO,” says Jon Seagraves, Chairman of the DABC.

The appointment of Register as interim CEO is a clear reflection of the authority's commitment to ensuring continued economic growth and development in Bryan County. Under his leadership, the Development Authority of Bryan County aims to enhance its strategies for attracting high-quality investments and fostering an environment conducive to business expansion and job creation for our citizens.

Register expressed his enthusiasm for the role, stating, "I am honored to have been appointed as the interim CEO of the Development Authority of Bryan County. This is a remarkable opportunity to contribute to the economic development of our community further. I am committed to working closely with the board, our partners, and the community to drive sustainable growth and prosperity in Bryan County."

For more information, please contact Sean Register at [email protected]