Atlanta Fed Launches Economy Matters

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, August 31st, 2015

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta today launched Economy Matters, a new online publication on the Bank's website. Economy Matters features a broad range of economic articles, news, and research, offering insights on sectors as well as global, national, and regional trends and industries. The magazine also offers engaging podcasts, quizzes, bold original photography, videos, and more.

Among the stories included in Economy Matters' inaugural post are pieces examining how the Atlanta Fed's president prepares for the Federal Open Market Committee Meeting and his experience at the FOMC, a look at how southern Louisiana and coastal Mississippi have rebounded since Hurricane Katrina, and a glimpse at how Nashville's growth affects the Tennessee economy.

Economy Matters will publish in real time. It will feature one in-depth piece and several brief articles each month. In addition to the features, the publication will offer summaries of Atlanta Fed-hosted conferences and research, as well as national and regional data series.

Readers can subscribe to receive a monthly e-mail alerting them of the most recent month's content. Economy Matters will fill and expand the role of the print and online publication EconSouth, which is no longer published.