Georgia Power Simple Solar Now Available

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Georgia Power introduces Georgia Power Simple Solar, the company's latest solar energy program for customers. Simple Solar is a new voluntary option for Georgians who want to support solar energy, but are unable or choose not to install a solar system at their home or business. Signing up for the program at takes just minutes with basic customer account information. 

"This initiative is the latest evolution of our efforts to advance renewable energy in the state while also creating economical services and solutions for customers who want to help grow solar energy," said Norrie McKenzie, vice president of Renewable Development for Georgia Power. "Solar energy continues to offer tremendous potential for powering Georgia and we are committed to helping our customers find the solar option that works best for them."

The new solar program was designed in coordination with and approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission to encourage solar development. Simple Solar subscribers pay an additional 1-cent per kilowatt hour, which Georgia Power uses to purchase renewable energy credits from a certified solar generation source to match and offset their energy use.  The company ensures the solar credits meet environmental and consumer-protection standards and, because purchases are tied to subscriptions, customers are directly supporting the growth of solar and solar generators throughout the region. 

Simple Solar offers multiple subscription tiers for customers, including Large Volume and Special Event purchase options. Hundreds of residential and business customers have already subscribed to the program with TOTO USA, a Georgia manufacturer known for its sustainability efforts and renewable goals, being the first customer to match 100 percent of their monthly usage through the Large Volume option.

"We are pleased to increase our commitment to match 100 percent of our usage through Georgia Power Simple Solar," said Bill Strang, president of operations and eCommerce for TOTO USA. "Our partnership with Georgia Power allows us to provide both a return on investment with cost effective electricity and a return on environment with sustainable solar energy."

Georgia Power's robust renewable development strategy includes innovative customer programs, as well as large-scale initiatives such as the Advanced Solar Initiative and Renewable Energy Development Initiative to bring more solar energy to Georgia. The company continues to have the largest voluntary renewable portfolio in the nation and now has 846 MW* of solar capacity in operation, with accelerating growth year over year since 2013.  Through implementation of the new REDI, approved by the PSC in 2016, as well as other solar projects and programs, the company expects to add up to 1,600 MW of additional renewable capacity by 2021.