Georgia Gas Prices Rise 2 Cents

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Gas prices rose 2 cents nationwide last week, as prices in the southeast face upward pressure. Wholesale gasoline prices rose 8 cents in Florida and Georgia, and 7 cents in Tennessee.

Average Summer Gas Prices
     2014    2015    2016    2017    Today
National    $3.57    $2.71    $2.23    $2.31    $2.86
Florida    $3.50    $2.58    $2.19    $2.25    $2.74
Georgia    $3.48    $2.57    $2.11    $2.18    $2.72
Tennessee    $3.35    $2.45    $2.03    $2.08    $2.61
Gas prices in Georgia are on the rise. The state average rose 2 cents during the past week and face additional upward pressure heading into Monday. Wholesale gasoline increased 14 cents last week, raising the price for retailers to fill their tanks.

Georgia gas prices averaged $2.72 per gallon on Sunday. The state average is 2 cents more than a week ago, 3 cents more than last month, and 54 cents more than last year.  

Click here to view AAA's state and metro gas price averages

The most expensive gas price averages in Georgia are in Atlanta ($2.78), Gainesville ($2.72), and Savannah ($2.71)
The least expensive gas price averages in Georgia are in Warner Robins ($2.58), Augusta-Aiken ($2.59), and Columbus ($2.61)
"Motorists may see higher gas prices this week," said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA - The Auto Club Group. "Strong demand and lower inventories pushed wholesale prices higher. The added cost for retailers will likely be passed along to motorists. Based on demand figures, summer drivers are unfazed by higher prices at the pump this year. Fortunately, a potential 5-10 cent increase this week would still leave pump prices below this year's highs."

Although oil prices held relatively steady last week, gasoline futures surged for the second week. The price for gasoline on the NYMEX rose a total of 16 cents during the past two weeks, pushing wholesale gas prices higher. Gasoline rose in response to EIA data that showed a dip in gasoline supply inventories, as gasoline demand reaches near record levels. Gasoline demand for the week of July 20, was the fourth highest weekly rate this year.

Fuel Savings Tips

Drive Sensibly – Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas.

Gas mileage can be reduced 15-30% at highway speeds / 10-40% in stop-and-go traffic

The equivalent of 27¢ - $1.08 per gallon

Observe the speed limit

Not only is it safer – but it can help you save money

Gas mileage rapidly declines at speeds above 50 mph

Every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is like paying an additional 19 cents per gallon for gasoline

Lose the weight

Using your trunk for storage can cost you by way of lower fuel economy

Remove unnecessary items from your vehicle.

An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle reduces your miles per gallon by about 1%

Like paying an additional 3 cents per gallon for every 100 pounds

Use cruise control

Cruise control on the highway helps you maintain a constant speed

Conversely, constant throttling at high speeds consumes gasoline much faster

Avoid excess idling

Idling uses a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour

Turn off your engine when your vehicle is parked

It only takes 10 seconds worth of fuel to restart your vehicle

Combine trips

Saves time and money

Fuel economy is better when your engine is warmed up and you make multiple stops

Inflate tires

Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure can improve your gas mileage up to 3%

It can mean the difference of a couple cents per gallon

Find the recommended tire pressure on a sticker located on the driver’s side door jamb