In New Summer Ad, the Aflac Duck Is There for the Good and Bad Breaks in Life

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Aflac, the leader in voluntary insurance sales at U.S. worksites, announced the launch of its latest television commercial, "Good Break." The commercial continues Aflac's ongoing campaign to show, in lighthearted ways, that the Aflac Duck is always there when he believes policyholders need a helping hand – or in this case, a helping wing. The advertisement will debut on Tuesday, July 31, during "America's Got Talent," which airs at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

"For more than 60 years, Aflac has been there for policyholders, providing reassurance when they caught a tough break that threatened their financial security," said Catherine Hernandez-Blades, senior vice president, chief brand and communications officer at Aflac. "Aflac isn't major medical insurance that pays the hospital or doctor; we are a company that pays cash benefits to our policyholders, unless otherwise assigned. 'Good Break' continues to showcase not only the Aflac Duck's famously funny side, but that Aflac is a compassionate company consumers can count on when it matters most."

The new commercial illustrates that Aflac is there for customers when they need help – and even when they don't. The spot opens with a young woman swimming laps; as she concludes and looks at her watch, she says, "Broke my personal record." The Aflac Duck appears with cash to help cover costs resulting from a break, to which the young woman shakes her head and responds, "No. Good break, gooood break."

The commercial continues with two friends chatting outside. One friend apologizes to the other for missing her barbeque, noting she's "just sick about it." Hearing someone is sick, the Aflac Duck again appears with cash (and soup!) to help, but the policyholder responds, "Different kind of sick."

The spot concludes with the woman telling a friend she is worried about paying her rent and bills after surgery. The Aflac Duck appears with cash, reminding the women that Aflac pays policyholders cash quickly with One Day Pay, helping with everyday expenses like rent.

"With health care expenses rising, a sudden injury or an unplanned surgery can create financial stress," Hernandez-Blades added. "'Good Break' reminds policyholders that Aflac insurance is designed to help ease the financial burdens associated with unexpected injuries or accidents."

Developed in partnership with Publicis Seattle, the summer-themed television commercial is Hernandez-Blades' second advertisement in her role as Aflac's chief brand and communications officer, where she oversees brand strategy, advertising, communications and the company's award-winning corporate social responsibility program.