Local Company Helps Businesses Tackle Covid

Staff Report

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Savannah-based TACKL was formed as Covid-19 took hold on the world. Founders Curtis Faircloth and Kellie Huff saw the confusion businesses and schools were facing as they started to navigate the waters of reopening their doors post-shutdown. They realized the need for an organization to pool quality products and resources to give businesses their best shot at tackling Covid-19. With their combined backgrounds in healthcare, education, and hospitality- and with support from a number of legal, purchasing, and HR minds, TACKL was born as a solution for the private and education sector in their return to normalcy.

“We know it can be an overwhelming decision. How do you stay CDC compliant, maintain safety for your employees, and at the same time keep the focus on providing the best service possible? At TACKL, our team assists in every step of the way, from purchase decision to installation, implementation, CDC best practice training for staff with support and follow up,” said Huff.

“For the average business looking to take the necessary precautions, analyzing the best products for your needs is time consuming,” said Vice President of Business Development, Lauren Hetzel. “And, for businesses, creating a strategic plan in the face of ever-changing preparedness guidelines can be frustrating at best.”

This is what TACKL works to mitigate.

“Outfitting your organization is a large task, and we understand the need for dealing with quality products when making these decisions and purchases,” said Hetzel.

Aside from thermal cameras, self-certification tools, Covid-19 and Antibody rapid tests, personal protective equipment (PPE), and cleaning supplies, TACKL provides CDC best practices training to organizations, as well as ongoing support.

TACKL notes that, while each of these items can be purchased individually, they are best served as a complete package for businesses and schools. They work to ensure that

organizations are taking the necessary steps and precautions to be prepared in the continued fight against Covid-19.

TACKLs healthcare practitioners are able to perform 15 minute Covid-19 and Antibody rapid tests on site, which, coupled with daily temperature screening, self-certification, employee training, and continued support allows businesses to best mitigate their liabilities and make sure their workplaces are safe for employees, students, and customers.

“Our goal is to help businesses remain operational. If this is a small business, it's their way of life. If this is a large company it's their ability to continue to provide employment and serve their customers,” said Faircloth.

TACKL primarily works with major employers, schools, retail, entertainment facilities, and the hospitality industry.

TACKL’s location in Savannah is an added benefit, as it places the company in a unique logistic position. Being home to one of the largest ports in the country allows them to quickly bring in supplies from anywhere in the world, while the highway corridor and international airport allows them to easily ship throughout the U.S.