Savannah VOICE Festival Introduces New VOICE-a-Grams - Virtual Greetings to Support Educational Programs

Staff Report

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Today, Savannah VOICE Festival (SVF) introduces a brand- new initiative, VOICE-a-Grams, a virtual greeting card for people to send to their loved ones. These personalized musical greetings are crafted by Savannah VOICE Festival singers with a special message by the Maestro, Sherrill Milnes. All proceeds raised from this initiative will benefit SVF’s educational and outreach programs. 

The VOICE-a-Grams virtually greet the person to whom they are sent with festive lyrics to popular opera tunes for that special SVF flair. As we adjust to a new normal with ongoing social distancing, these have been designed to appeal to everybody. These greetings are beautifully sung and a great way to give the gift of music on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes or “just because.” The added bonus is how they benefit our community. The non-profit organization is charging $25 for loved ones to receive a personalized VOICE-a-Gram to support the work of SVF’s educational efforts.

“We are especially excited for these VOICE-a-Grams because we believe that their impact on our educational and outreach programs will be felt throughout the community as we prepare for our virtual festival in August,” said Chad Sonka, Savannah VOICE Festival Education and Outreach Coordinator. “The gesture of sending a personalized musical message to family and friends is especially meaningful as we are not able to be close to many of those we care about during these trying times.” 

VOICE-a-Grams are part of SVF’s initiative to bring focus to artists and cultural arts institutions in Savannah who have been hard hit by the pandemic, and communicates the ongoing importance, validity and contribution of art to the economy, culture and heart of our community. The eighth annual VOICE Festival will take place completely online from August 8-22, 2020 as part of the “Virtually Live” formatting which debuted in early May. For more information about SVF or the VOICE-a-Grams, please visit