The DeSoto’s Reinvented 1540 Room Brings Global Flavor to Local Ingredients

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

The reinvented 1540 Room, at The DeSoto Savannah, opens with a new menu to suit the diverse tastes of its visitors.

Under the direction of Chef Collin Clemons, the menu is inspired by the centuries of global spice trade which included Hernando DeSoto’s visit to the American southeast in the year 1540. 

The joy of cooking a delicious meal drew Clemons from his modest Midwest upbringing to work in hotels and restaurants around the country from New Orleans, to Austin to Minneapolis learning a variety of cooking methods and local favorites along the way.  Now Clemons is using this wealth of experience to explore flavor profiles from North Africa through the Middle-East and beyond, applying them to the wealth of ingredients that can be found locally from nearby farmers and fishermen. 

“We were so excited to welcome guests to 1540 Room this winter,” said The DeSoto Managing Director Jay Wiendl.

Although informed by international flavors, the restaurant gathers its ingredients from local, organic farmers who use a variety of sustainable practices to provide high-quality and ethically-raised produce and meat. As a farm-to-table, locally-sourced restaurant, 1540 Room’s menu will change with seasonal availability. Sourcing from local farmers not only provides guests with the freshest food available but also motivates Chef Clemons to merge unique menu combinations.

The DeSoto’s Executive Chef Lauren Teague has been a champion of locally sourced food since she debuted her tasty talents at the Andaz Hotel on Ellis Square earning a name for herself and a loyal following. Although Teague has enjoyed a successful career in hot spots like the Atlantic and Pacci Italian Kitchen, she said she is most excited about this recent endeavor.

“I love farmers,” Teague said. “And we are very excited to showcase all of the beautiful things they grow in a unique way for Savannah”

 The 1540 Room accepts reservations via Resy on its website,, where you can also find the current menu and a wine list as varied as the menu options.