Savannah SCORE Presents Business Security & Protection Workshop Series

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Savannah SCORE, in partnership with Regions Bank, Bernard Williams & Co Insurance and Seimitsu presents the Business Security and Protection Workshop Series.  Small Business owners are invited to participate in this virtual 4-part workshop designed to assist entrepreneurs in protecting their business from fraud, cyber-threats, on-the-job accidents, and proprietary information.

The workshops are offered virtually from noon-1pm and will cover the following topics each week:

Wednesday, March 30th – Understanding ofIntellectual Property:  Whether you have a great idea or you’ve been in business but obtain proprietary information that makes your brand unique, Certified SCORE Mentor, Bill Bruner will walk small business owners through the different legal ways to protect your unique business idea and practical application.

Wednesday, April 6th – Protecting yourBusiness from Fraud:  Fraud is a prevailing threat.  Nearly 75% of organizations have been victims of fraud.  Regions Bank presents ways to protect your business from fraud including common forms of identity theft, understanding ways that fraud can happen in the workplace and learning how to protect your workplace and yourself from fraud.

Wednesday, April 13th – Protecting YourBusiness Through Insurance Coverage:  Your business is insured, but do you have a comprehensive plan to ensure you are covered for business interruption?  Licensed Commercial Insurance expert, KC Andrews of Bernard Williams & Co helps small business owners learn the different types of insurance beyond general liability insurance and identifies how being underinsured could put your business, workforce and clients at risk.

Wednesday, April 20th – Protecting Your Business Through a Strong Cybersecurity Posture: Cyber attacks occur every 39 seconds, potentially exposing your business to costly downtime and recovery time.  Seimitsu Chief Security Officer, Scott Sheidt presents this final workshop to help small business owners learn how to see if your information is on the dark web; understand the cost of a cyber breach; discover different ways your organization may be at risk; train attendees on better ways to protect your organization for clients and both in-house and remote workforce members.

Registration is required for each workshop.  Each workshop is presented virtually via zoom from 12:00pm-1:00pm.  For more information and to register, visit: