RISE Outreach to Host Fundraiser

Staff Report

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

RISE Outreach, a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to providing musical opportunities to aspiring musicians of all ages through a variety of diverse musical programs and unique and educational performance opportunities to host their first fundraiser 6pm, September 12, 2022 at Starland Yard – featuring a “RISE Talks” (TED Style) presentations about the power of music and a sneak peak of this year’s choir seasons with live performances! 

Who is RISE Outreach? We are a small charity making a big impact. We are uncompromising in our mission. We are experts in what we do and are passionate about the approach we take. We are bold and agile, with the courage to innovate and take disciplined risks. And we use the expertise we have built up over the last 15 years in education to make revolutionizing impacts on communities using music to provide engaging and inspiring opportunities for inclusion, charitable projects, and personal development.

Rise Outreach’s current programs include a school program (at Chatham Academy), a community program specifically for seniors (at Hope Arbor), college scholarships for RISE singers, and sponsorship opportunities for families who need financial assistance for musical opportunities. With the help of the fundraiser on September 12 at Starland Yard, RISE Outreach will be able to expand these opportunities to other local schools, organizations, or community populations.

You can find out more about Rise Outreach at risechorales.com/RISE-outreach