MembersFirst Credit Union Opens On-Campus Branch at Woodville Tompkins

Staff Report

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

MembersFirst Credit Union has opened a branch office inside Woodville-Tompkins High School. The student-run branch of MFCU has hired two students, Mason Warren and Ta'Nayia Green, to staff the branch office and plans to hire two additional students in January of 2023 under the Woodville-Tompkins Work Based Learning program. The Work-Based Learning Program provides students with real world experiences working in real jobs. Students at Woodville-Tompkins will learn smart financial habits, how to create a manageable budget, how to use credit and other life skills. Students can open checking and savings accounts, obtain a debit card, and learn the art of finance through the branch. The branch currently is open to the staff and students of Woodville Tompkins High School. Beginning in 2023, the branch will serve the District.

"We are very excited to take our partnership with Savannah-Chatham County Public School System to the next level and open a student operated branch," said Ashley Dubois, Market Manager for MembersFirst Credit Union. "We want to see our younger generation grow up to be strong future leaders in our local communities. Students need to understand how to manage money. We prepare them for getting a job...we also need to prepare them for handing the money that comes with that job!"