JCB Wins Construction Equipment’s Top 100 Products of 2022 Awards

Staff Report

Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

JCB, the world’s largest privately owned manufacturer of construction equipment, was announced as a winner of two Construction Equipment’s Top 100 Products of 2022 awards.

“Our Top 100 New Products of 2022 award program was conceived to call special attention to the most significant new products announced each year,” said Rod Sutton of Construction Equipment. “These awards serve to emphasize innovations, highlighting manufacturers who are investing in research and development.”

The 512-83R Telehandler expands the world’s favorite range of telehandlers by now featuring a 360-degree rotating boom and 83-foot lift height capability. Providing the same ergonomic controls as our fixed boom machines, both machine and operator work in perfect harmony. One-touch auto deploy, retract and level outrigger systems enable a simple, fast set-up process. JCB’s purpose-built machines make the work site safer through best in-class visibility and a host of features to optimize ground pressure, increase the operating envelope and deliver maximum stability. Knowing how important efficiency and uptime are to operators, JCB’s rotating telehandlers combine the reach and lifting capability operators’ demand, the maneuverability of a telehandler and the access capability of a mobile work platform (MEWP) to offer three machines in one.

“We are honored to be recognized for our latest innovation in telehandlers,” said Ashby Graham, JCB’s GM – Product & Marketing. “The 512-83R is purpose built with the all-round efficiency, versatility and productivity that operators have come to expect ever since JCB began pioneering the telehandler in 1977.

The 245XR X Series Excavator is the latest world-class excavator in the JCB portfolio. This machine, designed to be taken seriously, boasts a reduced slewing radius, without any compromise on cab space or performance. After dedicating four years to developing hydraulic, electronic and electrical capabilities, we innovated and built a machine that doesn’t just look strong—it is strong. The 245XR delivers precise, efficient control while providing the customizable electro-proportional controls for operators to set their preference of speed and control of attachments. To maximize potential and performance in tight and congested environments, the 245XR tracked excavator features a tail swing radius of 5 feet 8 inches and a working area reduction of 5 feet 3 inches, compared to the 220X.

“We are pleased the 245XR has been recognized for its extreme strength, minimum swing, maximum space and excellent control,” said Graham. “The 245XR joins our extensive range of tracked excavators as we deliver more earning power for customers.”