American Veteran Properties Welcomes Sandi Folkerts

Staff Report

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

American Veteran Properties (AVP) welcomes new agent Sandi Folkerts to its team. Like AVP’s other team members, Folkerts is a veteran, with a passion for serving the military population.

Sandi Folkerts joined the Air Force at the age of 17, where she served as a nuclear munitions specialist for almost eight years. After separating, she continued serving at the Veterans Benefits Administration, also acting as Casualty Assistance Coordinator at Ft. Carson. In 2010, Sandi was commissioned into the Army under the Social Worker Internship Program, where she served for over 12 years before retiring in 2022. Her career has ranged from being a military clinical Social Worker to network administrator and programmer, to yoga instructor and real estate investor, leading her to AVP as their newest real estate agent. Sandi spent eight years processing disability and other claims at the VA, giving her deep knowledge about VA benefits which she can use to help AVP clients.  

“Many of those in the military have sacrificed much more than the general population is aware. Some tend to struggle tremendously because of those sacrifices. I believe it’s time we help them get ahead by teaching strategies that can give them the financial security they deserve,” said Sandi. “Since my passion and calling is geared toward the military population, it makes sense to share what I’ve learned with them. I see myself as a coach, whether I’m wearing a therapist hat, a yoga instructor hat, or a real estate agent hat – each of these roles has the potential to improve the quality of life for service members and veterans!”

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Sandi to the team here at American Veteran Properties. Her real-life experience in the field and dedicated passion for the military community have set her up to be a top-performing agent and we are excited to have her on our team,” said AVP owner and CEO, Eric Lukkarinen

AVP helps military veterans take advantage of their benefits to make their families comfortable while building upward mobility and growing their personal wealth. It’s an extremely important concept that, if utilized correctly, can greatly improve a service member’s quality of life, and set them up for a nice life following their exit from the military.

American Veteran Properties is a full-service real estate agency which offers the highest quality advice and support for military members to make the best decision for themselves and their families, in addition to helping military members enjoy homeownership while building and growing personal wealth. For more information, please visit, call 912-385-3000, email [email protected] or visit them on social media.