Savannah Technical College recognizes Spring 2023 Dean's List

Staff Report

Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

Savannah Technical College recognized 357 students for excellence in academics for the Spring 2023 Dean’s List. To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 GPA and have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours (or full-time) for that semester. These students represent 30.5% of the full-time students for spring semester 2023.

Spring 2023 Dean’s List
Jamal Abercrombie (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)
Dakota Adams-Parrimore (Early College Essentials)
Tyler Aguilar (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Chelsea Akahi (Business Management Diploma)
Shatha Al Malaei (Air Conditioning Tech Assistant)
Kamila Alameda (Shampoo Technician)
Devin Albert (Barbering)
Mykal Allen (Cybersecurity Diploma)
Grayson Allen (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Noriza Ames (Health Care Assistant)
Dominique Anderson (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Brandon Anim (Practical Nursing Diploma)
Amanda Arnold (Accounting Degree)
Julio Arrieta (Electrical Technology)
Chanece Babbs (Shampoo Technician)
Tanner Bailey (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
David Baker (S. Criminal Justice)
Caleb Baldinelli (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Carter Baldinelli (Auto Engine Performance Technician)
Jennifer Barfield (Culinary Arts Degree)
Anthony Barnette (Computer Support Specialist)
Harley Barwick (Practical Nursing Diploma)
Corin Battey (Computer Support Specialist)
Graham Beard (Sustainable Technologies)
Kristen Beckworth (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)
Mishala Bell (Cosmetology Diploma)
Meachie Bell (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)
Lorelai Belogorska (Undeclared)
Matthew Bennett (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Thomas Bentley (Vertical Shielded Metal Arc)
Makayla Black (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Keyshauna Blackwell (Marketing Management Degree)
Ashleigh-Beth Blevins (Business Management Degree)
Samuel Boatright (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Sohan Bolle (Culinary Arts Degree)
Heather Bonham (Health Care Assistant)
Eden Bonwell (Business Management Degree)
Layla Bosche (Technical Specialist)
Shaniya Boyd (Early College Essentials)
Kristin Boyett (Cosmetology Diploma)
Ashley Bradarvelt (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Hannah Braden (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Anna Marie Bragg (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Symone’ Branson (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Dustin Briggs (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Justin Brigman (Basic POST Certification)
Grace Brooks (Master Welder I)
Sha’mariyah Brown (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Jeriesha Brown (Medical Coding/Insurance Data)
Reginald Brown (Barbering)
Tieshia Bryant (Cybersecurity Diploma)
Kamrin Bryant (Business Management Degree)
Larry Bryant (Cybersecurity Degree)
Christie Buchanan (S. Logistics Management)
Taylor Budd (Paralegal Studies Degree)
William Bullard (Gas Metal Arc Welder)
Brandi Burkett (Cosmetology Diploma)
Makala Burns (Cosmetology Diploma)
Chelsei Bush (Cosmetology Diploma)
Kenneth Butler (Film Prod On-Set Production)
Justin Byerly (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)
Wilfredo Calderon (Networking Specialist Degree)
Steven Calvert (Electrical Technology)
Marcia Caraballo (Shampoo Technician)
Zacharry Carel (Cybersecurity Degree)
Joyce Carter (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Jaliya Carter (S. Criminal Justice)
Venecia Chery (Health Care Assistant)
Madison Christiansen (Automotive Technology Degree)
Victoria Chung (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)
Nicholas Cicciari (Technical Studies)
Aiden Cimadevilla (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Emele Clark (Medical Coding/Insurance Data)
Abigail Clark (Drafting Degree)
Andrew Coffee (Business Management Degree)
Moniesha Cole (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Lindsey Coletti (Surgical Technology Degree)
Khari Collins (Barbering)
Steven Cowart (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
William Crawford (EMS Professions)
Antoinette Crews (Medical Assisting Diploma)
Kelis Crocker (Early College Essentials)
Andrea Cuartas Useche (Marketing Management Diploma)
Bruce Cushman (Automotive Technology Degree)
Kaden Dalal (Aircraft Structural Technology)
Derek Dalgo (Technical Studies)
Cede Daniel (Cosmetology Diploma)
William Davidson (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Kelvin Davidson (Automotive Technology Degree)
Dayana Fernanda Del Larco Cardenas (Construction Management Degree)
Alexis Delafuente (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Nasha Denson (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Arlie Dipolito (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Carmen Dow (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Neeali Dozier-Muhammad (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)
Roxana Drew (Health Care Assistant)
India Dudley (Medical Assisting Diploma)
Landon Duggar (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Heath Dutton (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)
Grayson Elliott (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Damian Elmore (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Logan Estrada (Automotive Technology Degree)
Jennifer Evans (Accounting Degree)
Tavashyette Facey (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
Patrick Fagin (Electrical Utility Technology Degree)
Brenda Feliciano (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Sofia Fernandez (Marketing Management Degree)
Jason Fernandez (Construction Management Degree)
Aaliyah Finklin (Health Care Science)
Noah Fisher (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Alexandra Flath (Surgical Technology Degree)
Ariel Floyd (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Marla Fordham (Paralegal Studies Degree)
John Fortner (Basic POST Certification)
Aaron Freeman (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Ariella Gallegos (Cosmetology Diploma)
Brittaney Gardner (Health Care Assistant)
Jordan Gardner (Health Care Science)
Kirsten Garner (Surgical Technology Degree)
Jayde Geddes (Business Management Degree)
Daniel Genard (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Bryce Genova (Historic Preservation/Restoration Diploma)
Daeshaun Gibbs (Early College Essentials)
Grace Glover (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)
Lisely Gonzales Francisco (Health Care Science)
Ariel Gordon (Surgical Technology Degree)
Cayden Gosseck (Early College Essentials)
Jeshua Grach (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Haley Grajiola (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Kyron Grant (Cybersecurity Degree)
Kiara Green (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Franklin Green (Master Welder I)
Kaylee Greene (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Kayla Griffith (Health Care Assistant)
Marla Groover (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Mercedes Guzman (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Rachel Hall (Dental Hygiene)
David Hall (Aircraft Assembly Technician)
Kianna Hamilton (Cosmetology Diploma)
Anthony Hand (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Steven Harden (Construction Management Degree)
Cadyn Hart (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Patrick Hart (Construction Management Degree)
Kiley Harvey (Business Technology Degree)
Shaneka Harvey-Frater (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Liam Havener (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Steven Hawkins (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)
Kevin Hayes (Air Conditioning Electrical Technician)
Edward Hayes (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Malaysia Hendrix (Aircraft Structural Technology)
Lourane Henriques-Phipps (Business Management Degree)
Breyona Hepburn (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Don Hewitt (Culinary Arts Degree)
Suelema Hickman (Construction Management Diploma)
Molatelo Hodges (Health Care Assistant)
Malachi Holloway (Networking Specialist Degree)
David Holton (Business Technology Diploma)
Taylor Honnerlaw (Aircraft Upholstery and Trim)
Golam Hosseini (Cybersecurity Diploma)
Lonnie Houston (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)
Claire Howard (Health Care Assistant)
Jesse Hubbert (Cybersecurity Diploma)
Megan Huck (Business Management Degree)
Clemtonio Huffham (Medical Assisting Diploma)
Tyrone Hughes (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Tristen Ingram (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Moesha Jackson (Drafting Degree)
Marquis Jackson (Barbering)
Ethan Jaster (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Bailey Jeffers (Networking Specialist Degree)
Doria Johnson (Cosmetology Diploma)
Amber Jones (Drafting Degree)
Erykah Jones (Business Management Degree)
Aliyah Jones-Ruhl (Technical Specialist)
Tamera Joyce (Medical Assisting Diploma)
Arden Kaluza (Electrical Technology)
Jacob Kendrick (Technical Studies)
Shannon Kersey-Biggs (Health Care Science)
Donnie King (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)
Marquis Knight (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Bazhena Kolesova (Business Management Degree)
Cliodhna Lane (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Ethan Lathrop (Electrical Technology)
Shaun Laws (Precision Manufacturing)
Vu Le (Construction Management Degree)
Santos Leon (Barbering)
Stephon Lewis (Aircraft Structural Technology)
Glenda Lippy (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Ivelisse Liriano (Early College Essentials)
Gabriel Long (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Haydee Lopez Soutelo (Historic Preservation and Restoration)
Erick Lopez-Martinez (Accounting Degree)
Stacey Loth (Dental Hygiene)
Janine Lowry (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Kyle Ludy (Aviation Maintenance Technology AAS)
Pamela Lunderman (Historic Preservation/Restoration Diploma)
Joshua Lunsford (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Gloria Macdonald (Business Management Degree)
Nicole Magnani (S. Criminal Justice)
Roxanna Mandes Rivera (Cosmetology Diploma)
William Maney (Precision Manufacturing)
Anthony Mannello (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Eligio Marcelo (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Cataldo Maria (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Joscelyn Marriott (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Zaniah Martin (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Sophia Martin (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Samantha Maxwell (Cosmetology Diploma)
Conlan McDaniels (Aviation Maintenance Technology AAS)
Mary McDonald (S. Logistics Management)
Scott McGinnity (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Kashaunie McKenzie (Automotive Technology Degree)
Jasmine McLloyd (Surgical Technology Degree)
Bria McMullen (Basic POST Certification)
Brandi McPherson (Dental Assisting Diploma)
Mallory Meador (Cosmetology Diploma)
Luis Medina (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Victoria Meier (Business Management Degree)
Daniel Merrill (Air Conditioning Technology Assistant)
Erika Meyer (Surgical Technology Degree)
Kennedy Middleton (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)
Stuart Mixon (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Sara Moore (Surgical Technology Degree)
Rachael Moore (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Kemarie Moore (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Randy Moss (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Amariah Moultrie (Health Care Assistant)
Humberto Nevarez (Historic Preservation and Restoration)
Elijiah Newsom (Cybersecurity Degree)
Dao Nguyen (S. Information Technology)
Blaze Nofi (Industrial Maintenance System Technology)
Nasiriyah Northcutt (Cosmetology Diploma)
Larraine Oakes (Health Care Assistant)
Elizabethe O’Donnell (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Doris Marie Okain (Technical Specialist)
Axel Oliva-Carrillo (Business Technology Degree)
Melissa Olson (Health Care Assistant)
Andrew Osborn (Cybersecurity Diploma)
Robert Osterman (Accounting Degree)
Christie Oxendine (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Heungsuk Pak (Automotive Technology Degree)
Yasmin Palomares (Barbering)
Christopher Parker (Construction Management Degree)
Jordan Parker (Technical Studies)
Evan Parker (Automotive Technology Degree)
Joshua Parker (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Nidhi Patel (Undeclared)
Nilay Patel (Business Management Degree)
Luis Paulino Soto (Aircraft Structural Technology)
Lashanda Pelzer (Health Care Assistant)
Lilia Perez-Segura (Early College Essentials)
Randy Pierre (Health Care Assistant)
Alexandria Pope (Health Care Assistant)
Lavonna Pounds (Health Care Assistant)
Sidney Pullen (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Colton Puls (Industrial Maintenance System Technology)
Carl Denver Punzalan (Accounting Degree)
Brandon Quintero (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Korynth Ramsby (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Jeanette Reese (Automotive Fundamentals)
Haley Register (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Sasha-Gaye Reid (Health Care Science)
Aleyshia Reynolds (Technical Specialist)
Jamara Richardson (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Angela Rigor (Film Prod On-Set Production)
Ethan Riley (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Tyler Roberts (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Dayne Robertson (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Jake Rockwell (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Manuel Rodriguez (Basic POST Certification)
Nicholas Roebuck (Networking Specialist Degree)
Tayler Rogers (Early College Essentials)
Emma Rowe (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)
Alexis Rowe (Cosmetology Diploma)
Timothy Rowland (Aviation Maintenance Technology AAS)
Rebecka Roy (Health Care Assistant)
Zachary Rudolph (Cyber Forensics Technology)
Victor Ruiz (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Bobbie Ryans (Construction Management Degree)
Stephanie Sampson (Health Care Assistant)
Malek Sanders (Cybersecurity Degree)
Carter Sandt (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Crystal Sapp (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Kristi Schatzline (Aircraft Upholstery and Trim)
Ashley Schlangen (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Andrew Schmidt (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Rebecca Schouten (Automotive Technology Diploma)
Christina See (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Ashley Semper (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Spencer Shank (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Celine Shaw (Cybersecurity Degree)
King-Israel Shellman (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Jessica Sheppard (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)
Lillie Simmons (Health Care Assistant)
Terrion Simon (Barbering)
Mariana Sistos Barron (Cosmetology Diploma)
Heather Slaughter (Construction Management Degree)
Madison Smalley (Cosmetology Diploma)
Seabrook Smith (Cybersecurity Degree)
Elton Smith (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)
William Smith (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Erin Smith (Automotive Technology Degree)
Deandre Smith (Culinary Arts Degree)
Jovanni Smith-Lopez (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)
Isaiah Soley (Air Conditioning Technology Assistant)
Julles Spruill (Electrical Technology)
Jeffrey Stamm (Electrical Technology)
Jason Stark (Aircraft Structural Technology)
Aubrie Stevens (Technical Specialist)
Corina Stewart (Business Management Degree)
Heath Strickland (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Hannah Swanerbury (Surgical Technology Degree)
Scott Szurley (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Brooke Targett (Cosmetology Diploma)
Joby Taylor (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Natalie Taylor (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)
Denise Taylor (Cosmetology Diploma)
Leilani Tenen (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Grant Thompson (Gas Metal Arc Welder)
Faith Tompkins (Marketing Management Degree)
Pedro Trejo-Morales (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)
Jessica Trentacosta (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Terrance Truell (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Kimberly Tuopaeh (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Selah Underwood (Health Care Assistant)
Nicklas Vanderhoff (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Nicolas Vargas (Aircraft Upholstery and Trim)
Migdalia Vargas (S. Criminal Justice)
Blake Vaught (Automotive Technology Degree)
Peter Vega (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Paul Villanueva (Automotive Technology Degree)
Blake Vincent (Aircraft Upholstery and Trim)
Tyler Waagen (Electrical & Computer Engineer)
Jason Walton (Technical Studies)
Eddie Walton (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)
Payne Watson (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Brittany Watts (Medical Assisting Diploma)
Brandon Weinstein (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Gideon Weymer (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Emily White (Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Degree)
Tre White (Basic POST Certification)
Alyssa Whitlock (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
Jd William (Computer Support Specialist)
Tre Williams (Basic POST Certification)
Brady Williams (Early College Essentials)
Aaliyah Williams (Cosmetology Diploma)
Mykalia Williams (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Misty Wilson (Cosmetology Diploma)
Makaya Wilson (Technical Specialist)
Ronnie Windham (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)
Demetria Winters (Paralegal Studies Degree)
Elijah Woodall (Aviation Maintenance Technology AAS)
Joshua Woods (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)
Emil Wright (Automotive Technology Degree)
Christopher Wynns (Early College Essentials)
Dylan Youghn (Welding and Joining Diploma)
Jalisa Young (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Christopher Youngblood (Basic POST Certification)