IT Leaders Must Align Solutions to Support Enterprise Goals, Not Just Local Priorities: New Research From Info-Tech Research Group

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, April 19th, 2024

As IT professionals continue to face dynamic business demands in the rapidly evolving technology landscape, they routinely encounter hurdles in effectively aligning IT solutions with the strategic objectives of the organization. The absence of a structured approach to prioritizing projects often results in a disconnect between stakeholder expectations and actual value realization, according to new research from global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group. To address these prevalent challenges, the firm has published new research, Assess the Value Drivers Within Your Solutions. The blueprint has been designed to help IT leaders implement a balanced value measurement framework to align product roadmaps and projects with enterprise goals.


In the new resource, Info-Tech explains that IT solution value is not just about revenue. IT must consider that value is relative to the consumer and prioritize opportunities by determining their impact on value drivers aligned to enterprise goals. A balanced value framework provides IT leaders with a way to compare disparate initiatives and changes across an enterprise, not by how much localized value they provide, but rather by how influential they would be in reaching the overall goals and priorities of the organization.

The blueprint further underscores the significance of a value-driven approach, emphasizing the potential to connect organizational goals and priorities with the intake process. In the resource, Info-Tech outlines a data-backed approach to help IT leaders align product roadmaps and projects with enterprise goals, a strategy highly valued by the senior leadership team. The process is outlined below:

  • Define: The organization defines a common set of value drivers aligned to goals and priorities.

  • Estimate: Product owners estimate value driver impact to create a balanced value score.

  • Align: The balanced value score, along with other criteria, helps prioritize and make better roadmap decisions.

  • Measure: The balanced value score is an important criterion used in solution backlog prioritization.

The research advises that a balanced value framework empowers IT leaders to identify opportunities where technology can yield exponential value within an organization. IT leaders are encouraged to use the value drivers to determine processes and products most affected by artificial intelligence (AI) and exponential IT.

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