City Installs Anti-Graffiti Traffic Cabinet Wraps

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

In an effort to beautify streets, combat blight and reduce the cost of graffiti abatement, the City of Savannah has launched a new initiative that wraps corner traffic cabinets with graffiti-resistant laminates featuring archival photos showcasing the historical significance of nearby structures.

Focusing on traffic cabinets that have been regular targets for graffiti, the City’s Transportation Department recently managed the installation of 16 wraps with eight more queued to be completed, and another round of wraps scheduled to be launched by summer’s end.

“The new wraps on our traffic signal cabinets will help reduce the cost associated with removing graffiti which has been a constant maintenance issue for the City,” Stephen Henry Senior Director of Transportation said. “They also provided an opportunity to beautify a typically mundane looking but required transportation device.” 

Images for the cabinet wraps were taken from various collections in the City of Savannah’s Municipal Archives and chosen based on the location of the target cabinet. On the corner of Price and Henry, in front of the Carnegie Library, a photo of the Carnegie Board from 1914 was used on the traffic cabinet wrap adding to the historical aesthetic of the location. 

“The use of historic images on the cabinet wraps helps share Savannah’s rich history with visitors, while giving area residents a sense of pride in their community,” Luciana Spracher, Director of Municipal Archives said. 

Images were used from the following collections: WW Law Photographs; V. & J. Duncan Postcards; 1902 Artwork of Savannah; Savannah Fire Department Collection; Municipal Archives Photographs; MPC Historic Preservation Photographs; Engineering Department Maps; and Palumbo Postcards.

The vinyl cabinet wraps are specially designed to combat permanent marker, spray paint, and adhesives which are all easily removed from the wrap with simple cleaners.