Corsica Technologies: Improving Business Efficiency Post COVID-19

David Powell

Friday, July 17th, 2020

While businesses are relieved knowing they may be able to open soon, they are challenged with how to do so safely and efficiently. Since many companies were forced to shut down operations for six+ weeks, they are looking to create efficiencies to help them thrive post quarantine. While we do not have all of the answers, we do have some suggestions on ways to improve business efficiencies in your organization and gain a competitive edge in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. There is no playbook for businesses on how to reopen after a pandemic related shutdown, so everyone will be looking for the best path forward.

In order to determine the most efficient path for your company, the first and most important step is to take a look at your current business goals to see if they need to be tweaked based on the last few months of operations. A few questions you want to ask are:

  • In a phased opening, which workers need to be in the office to do their jobs and which can stay remote for a period of time?

  • Should some of your workers continue working remotely even after reopening?

  • What security & compliance issues will we face?

  • What health and safety issues will we face?

  • Many companies went remote in an emergency fashion, now, with time to plan, how would you do it differently if you had to do it again?

Based on these answers, you can develop a clear plan of action based on your new normal. Next, you can determine what actions you need to take to accomplish these goals. This is where some of the more difficult questions come into play:

  • Am I able to accomplish this with my current workforce?

  • Are there areas we could outsource?

  • Have the required skills of your technology team changed after this?

  • Do you need to create efficiencies in your organization to better prepare for the economic situation ahead?

Our clients gain better business efficiency by outsourcing services they are no longer able to maintain in house. Many companies (especially after financially challenging times) may be unable to increase headcount but may have funds to outsource critical services. Some examples include:

  • Help Desk Clients have focused their internal technology resources on their core infrastructure while partnering with Corsica to provide support services. Other clients have focused their internal technology team on application support for their mission-critical applications while partnering with Corsica for all other technology needs.

  • Service Clients allow us to take on end-user support, systems management and administration, patch management, and more.

  • Business Continuity Clients ensure they maintain uptime by partnering with us for back up, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity services. They (and their clients) can have peace of mind their data is safe in any situation.

  • Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Digital Transformation. Clients who need larger manpower and resources for specialized services partner with us to gain a dedicated team of experts for the same cost as adding a single specialist.

With some careful thought and consideration, companies can take advantage of their specific situation by improving efficiencies so they can thrive post-COVID-19 pandemic. If you are looking for a partner to help you meet your business goals and improve business efficiency, contact one of our experts or schedule a Free Re-entry Consultation today.