Custom Audio Video: Preserving Your Design Aesthetic

Carlos Ramos

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

It’s the 21st century, and electronic devices for everything from brewing coffee, to keeping our homes secure, to listening to our favorite recording artists, to watching the latest Hollywood releases, have become integral parts of our lifestyles. Advances in the industries that provide these wonders are developing at warp speed and let’s face it - everyone loves to have the advantages of today’s technologies at their disposal, and with the latest smartphone, laptop, or tablet, we’ve become accustomed to having it just this way. 

Awesome, right? Right! But here’s the rub; with the ever increasing presence of these devices in our homes, the challenge that many are facing today is, how do we accommodate for all these technological components without having our homes look like the interior of the International Space Station? This is where we start the discussion of hidden technologies. Hidden how? Hidden like the Bat Pole behind Bruce Wayne’s library wall, that’s how. 

There are a number of manufacturers and designers that have hit on the novel idea that perhaps some folks would like to preserve the personal touch and style they put so much thought into, while providing the added benefit of maximizing space utilization in their homes. One such hidden systems designer is Nexus 21. Manufacturers like this one are designing concealment systems that will, at the touch of a button, lift televisions that are hidden under a floor, or inside a coffee table, or, lower a TV from ceilings and other spaces like kitchen cabinetry. One can also choose to have these designs applied to projection screens, projectors, and AV cabinets. But these systems aren’t being designed for audio visual only. You can also have that coffeemaker rise out of your counter top, along with other appliances you choose to store, but to which you want to maintain easy access. Picture this; instead of retrieving that heavy mixer by crawling into a cabinet under your counters, you press a button and a hidden storage compartment with that mixer, and other kitchen tools you may need, rises out of your countertop.

Another company providing hidden technologies solutions is Seura. Seura produces “vanishing mirror displays”, or simply put, televisions hidden in mirrors. What could be a better compromise between a husband who wants a TV above the fire place, and a wife who would rather preserve the aesthetic continuity of her well thought out interior design, than an elegantly framed mirror above said fireplace, that displays Monday Night Football at the tap of a button?  Seura manufactures numerous models, with specific target customers in the areas of residential, commercial, and hospitality. In addition to their lines of pre-manufactured vanishing mirror displays, Seura will build custom product to the design specifications of the client.

Speaking of maintaining continuity of style, a manufacturer leaving an impression on interior designers, but also aiming to make none on your style choices, is TRUFIG. TRUFIG offers elegant flush-mounting systems, wherein one is able to mount common wall accessories, such as electrical outlets or even iPads used as control devices, flush with finished surfaces, permitting different technologies from various manufacturers to share a consistent aesthetic, and, match textures, colors, and patterns on walls and ceilings. 

The above is just a bird’s eye view of hidden technologies. Options like these and others like hidden in-wall speakers, security cameras and much more are just some of the Smart Solutions our Expert Team at Custom Audio Video specializes in. Come to our beautiful show room to see some of these in action and to talk to us about how we can help you.